Introduction to the Godhead as Defined by the Bible

A search for the word "Godhead" in Ellen White's writings reveals 1013 total hits, including many duplicates. However, this word is found in only 3 texts in the KJV: acts17:29; rom1:20; col2:9. An interesting fact is that each of those mentions of the word Godhead were translated from 3 similar, but different Greek words: G2304, G2305, G2330 respectively. G2305 and G2330 were not used anywhere else in the Bible, only in Rom1:20 and Col2:9 respectively. However, G2304 was used 2 other times in the Bible, which I will discuss in my next post regarding the "Godhead" of Acts 17:29.

Since Ellen lived mostly in the 1800s, it may be helpful to consider Webster's 1828 Dictionary's definition of the word "Godhead": "1. Godship; deity; divinity; divine nature or essence; applied to the true God, and to heathen deities. 2. A deity in person; a god or goddess." 

See below for Strong's and Young's definitions the three Greek words KJV-translated as "Godhead".

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Young's Analytical Concordance(first-published 1879):

Strong's Concordance(first-published 1890):