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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1 ¶ Jude,2455 the servant1401 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 and1161 brother80 of James,2385 to them that are sanctified37 by1722 God2316 the Father,3962 and2532 preserved5083 in Jesus2424 Christ,5547 and called:2822 2 Mercy1656 unto you,5213 and2532 peace,1515 and2532 love,26 be multiplied.4129 3 ¶ Beloved,27 when I gave4160 all3956 diligence4710 to write1125 unto you5213 of4012 the common2839 salvation,4991 it was2192 2794 needful318 for me2192 to write1125 unto you,5213 and exhort3870 you that ye should earnestly contend1864 for the faith4102 which was once530 delivered3860 unto the saints.40 4 For1063 there are certain5100 men444 crept in unawares,3921 who3588 were before4270 2794 of old3819 ordained4270 to1519 this5124 condemnation,2917 ungodly men,765 turning3346 the grace5485 of our2257 God2316 into1519 lasciviousness,766 and2532 denying720 the only3441 Lord1203 God,2316 and2532 our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547 5 ¶ I will1014 therefore1161 put5279 2794 you5209 in remembrance,5279 though ye5209 once530 knew1492 this,5124 how that3754 the Lord,2962 having saved4982 the people2992 out of1537 the land1093 of Egypt,125 afterward1208 destroyed622 them that believed4100 not.3361 6 And5037 the angels32 which kept5083 not3361 their1438 {Or, principality} first estate,746 but235 left620 their own2398 habitation,3613 he hath reserved5083 in everlasting126 chains1199 under5259 darkness2217 unto1519 the judgment2920 of the great3173 day.2250 7 Even as5613 Sodom4670 and2532 Gomorrha,1116 and2532 the cities4172 about4012 them846 in like3664 5125 manner,5158 giving themselves over to fornication,1608 and2532 going565 after3694 {Gr. other} strange2087 flesh,4561 are set forth for4295 an example,1164 suffering5254 the vengeance1349 of eternal166 fire.4442 8 Likewise3668 3305 also2532 these3778 filthy dreamers1797 defile3392 the flesh,3303 4561 1161 despise114 dominion,2963 and1161 speak evil987 of dignities.1391 9 Yet1161 Michael3413 the archangel,743 when3753 contending1252 with the devil1228 he disputed1256 about4012 the body4983 of Moses,3475 durst5111 not3756 bring against him2018 a railing988 accusation,2920 but235 said,2036 The Lord2962 rebuke2008 thee.4671 10 But1161 these3778 speak evil987 of those things which3745 3303 they know1492 not:3756 but1161 what3745 they know1987 naturally,5447 as5613 brute249 beasts,2226 in1722 those things5125 they corrupt themselves.5351 11 Woe3759 unto them!846 for3754 they have gone4198 in the way3598 of Cain,2535 and2532 ran greedily after1632 the error4106 of Balaam903 for reward,3408 and2532 perished622 in the gainsaying485 of Core.2879 12 These3778 are1526 spots4694 in1722 your5216 feasts of charity,26 when they feast4910 with you,5213 feeding4165 themselves1438 without fear:870 clouds3507 they are without water,504 carried about4064 of5259 winds;417 trees1186 whose fruit withereth,5352 without fruit,175 twice1364 dead,599 plucked up by the roots;1610 13 Raging66 waves2949 of the sea,2281 foaming out1890 their own1438 shame;152 wandering4107 stars,792 to whom3739 is reserved5083 the blackness2217 of darkness4655 for1519 ever.165 14 And1161 Enoch1802 also,2532 the seventh1442 from575 Adam,76 prophesied4395 of these,5125 saying,3004 Behold,2400 the Lord2962 cometh2064 with1722 ten thousands3461 of his846 saints,40 15 To execute4160 judgment2920 upon2596 all,3956 and2532 to convince1827 all3956 that are ungodly765 among them846 of4012 all3956 their846 ungodly763 deeds2041 which3739 they have ungodly committed,764 and2532 of4012 all3956 their hard4642 speeches which3739 ungodly765 sinners268 have spoken2980 against2596 him.846 16 These3778 are1526 murmurers,1113 complainers,3202 walking4198 after2596 their own846 lusts;1939 and2532 their846 mouth4750 speaketh2980 great swelling5246 words, having men's persons4383 in admiration2296 because5484 of advantage.5622 17 But,1161 beloved,27 remember3415 ye5210 the words4487 which3588 were spoken before4280 of5259 the apostles652 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ;5547 18 How3754 that3754 they told3004 you5213 there should be2071 mockers1703 in1722 the last2078 time,5550 who should walk4198 after2596 their own1438 ungodly763 lusts.1939 19 These3778 be1526 they who separate592 themselves,1438 sensual,5591 having2192 not3361 the Spirit.4151 20 ¶ But1161 ye,5210 beloved,27 building up2026 yourselves1438 on your5216 most holy40 faith,4102 praying4336 in1722 the Holy40 Ghost,4151 21 Keep5083 yourselves1438 in1722 the love26 of God,2316 looking for4327 the mercy1656 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 unto1519 eternal166 life.2222 22 And2532 3303 of some3739 have compassion,1653 making a difference:1252 23 And1161 others3739 save4982 with1722 fear,5401 pulling726 them out of1537 the fire;4442 hating3404 even2532 the garment5509 spotted4695 by575 the flesh.4561 24 ¶ Now1161 unto him that is able1410 to keep5442 you5209 846 from falling,679 and2532 to present2476 you faultless299 before the presence2714 of his846 glory1391 with1722 exceeding joy,20 25 To the only3441 wise4680 God2316 our2257 Saviour,4990 be glory1391 and2532 majesty,3172 dominion2904 and2532 power,1849 both2532 now3568 and2532 ever.1519 3956 165 Amen.281

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