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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1 ¶ And Joshua3091 gathered622 all the tribes7626 of Israel3478 to Shechem,7927 and called7121 for the elders2205 of Israel,3478 and for their heads,7218 and for their judges,8199 and for their officers;7860 and they presented3320 themselves before6440 God.430 2 And Joshua3091 said559 unto all the people,5971 Thus saith559 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 Your fathers1 dwelt3427 on the other side5676 of the flood5104 in old time,5769 even Terah,8646 the father1 of Abraham,85 and the father1 of Nachor:5152 and they served5647 other312 gods.430 3 And I took3947 your father1 Abraham85 from the other side5676 of the flood,5104 and led3212 him throughout all the land776 of Canaan,3667 and multiplied7235 his seed,2233 and gave5414 him Isaac.3327 4 And I gave5414 unto Isaac3327 Jacob3290 and Esau:6215 and I gave5414 unto Esau6215 mount2022 Seir,8165 to possess3423 it; but Jacob3290 and his children1121 went down3381 into Egypt.4714 5 I sent7971 Moses4872 also and Aaron,175 and I plagued5062 Egypt,4714 according to that which834 I did6213 among7130 them: and afterward310 I brought you out.3318 6 And I brought3318 your fathers1 out of Egypt:4714 and ye came935 unto the sea;3220 and the Egyptians4714 pursued7291 after310 your fathers1 with chariots7393 and horsemen6571 unto the Red5488 sea.3220 7 And when they cried6817 unto the LORD,3068 he put7760 darkness3990 between you and the Egyptians,4713 and brought935 the sea3220 upon them, and covered3680 them; and your eyes5869 have seen7200 what I have done6213 in Egypt:4714 and ye dwelt3427 in the wilderness4057 a long7227 season.3117 8 And I brought935 you into the land776 of the Amorites,567 which dwelt3427 on the other side5676 Jordan;3383 and they fought3898 with you: and I gave5414 them into your hand,3027 that ye might possess3423 their land;776 and I destroyed8045 them from before6440 you. 9 Then Balak1111 the son1121 of Zippor,6834 king4428 of Moab,4124 arose6965 and warred3898 against Israel,3478 and sent7971 and called7121 Balaam1109 the son1121 of Beor1160 to curse7043 you: 10 But I would14 not hearken8085 unto Balaam;1109 therefore he blessed1288 you still:1288 so I delivered5337 you out of his hand.3027 11 And ye went over5674 Jordan,3383 and came935 unto Jericho:3405 and the men1167 of Jericho3405 fought3898 against you, the Amorites,567 and the Perizzites,6522 and the Canaanites,3669 and the Hittites,2850 and the Girgashites,1622 the Hivites,2340 and the Jebusites;2983 and I delivered5414 them into your hand.3027 12 And I sent7971 the hornet6880 before6440 you, which drave them out1644 from before6440 you, even the two8147 kings4428 of the Amorites;567 but not with thy sword,2719 nor with thy bow.7198 13 And I have given5414 you a land776 for which ye did not labour,3021 and cities5892 which ye built1129 not, and ye dwell3427 in them; of the vineyards3754 and oliveyards2132 which ye planted5193 not do ye eat.398 14 ¶ Now therefore fear3372 the LORD,3068 and serve5647 him in sincerity8549 and in truth:571 and put away5493 the gods430 which your fathers1 served5647 on the other side5676 of the flood,5104 and in Egypt;4714 and serve5647 ye the LORD.3068 15 And if it seem evil7489 unto you4310 to serve5647 the LORD,3068 choose977 you this day3117 whom5869 ye will serve;5647 whether the gods430 which your fathers1 served5647 that were on the other side5676 of the flood,5104 or the gods430 of the Amorites,567 in whose land776 ye dwell:3427 but as for me and my house,1004 we will serve5647 the LORD.3068 16 And the people5971 answered6030 and said,559 God forbid2486 that we should forsake5800 the LORD,3068 to serve5647 other312 gods;430 17 For the LORD3068 our God,430 he it is that brought us up5927 and our fathers1 out of the land776 of Egypt,4714 from the house1004 of bondage,5650 and which did6213 those great1419 signs226 in our sight,5869 and preserved8104 us in all the way1870 wherein we went,1980 and among all the people5971 through7130 whom we passed:5674 18 And the LORD3068 drave out1644 from before6440 us all the people,5971 even the Amorites567 which dwelt3427 in the land:776 therefore will we also serve5647 the LORD;3068 for he is our God.430 19 And Joshua3091 said559 unto the people,5971 Ye cannot3201 serve5647 the LORD:3068 for he is an holy6918 God;430 he is a jealous7072 God;410 he will not forgive5375 your transgressions6588 nor your sins.2403 20 If ye forsake5800 the LORD,3068 and serve5647 strange5236 gods,430 then he will turn7725 and do you hurt,7489 and consume3615 you, after310 that he hath done you good.3190 21 And the people5971 said559 unto Joshua,3091 Nay; but we will serve5647 the LORD.3068 22 And Joshua3091 said559 unto the people,5971 Ye are witnesses5707 against yourselves that ye have chosen977 you the LORD,3068 to serve5647 him. And they said,559 We are witnesses.5707 23 Now therefore put away,5493 said he, the strange5236 gods430 which are among7130 you, and incline5186 your heart3824 unto the LORD3068 God430 of Israel.3478 24 And the people5971 said559 unto Joshua,3091 The LORD3068 our God430 will we serve,5647 and his voice6963 will we obey.8085 25 So Joshua3091 made3772 a covenant1285 with the people5971 that day,3117 and set7760 them a statute2706 and an ordinance4941 in Shechem.7927 26 ¶ And Joshua3091 wrote3789 these words1697 in the book5612 of the law8451 of God,430 and took3947 a great1419 stone,68 and set it up6965 there under an oak,427 that was by the sanctuary4720 of the LORD.3068 27 And Joshua3091 said559 unto all the people,5971 Behold, this stone68 shall be a witness5713 unto us; for it hath heard8085 all the words561 of the LORD3068 which he spake1696 unto us: it shall be therefore a witness5713 unto you, lest ye deny3584 your God.430 28 So Joshua3091 let the people5971 depart,7971 every man376 unto his inheritance.5159 29 ¶ And it came to pass after310 these things,1697 that Joshua3091 the son1121 of Nun,5126 the servant5650 of the LORD,3068 died,4191 being an hundred3967 and ten6235 years8141 old.1121 30 And they buried6912 him in the border1366 of his inheritance5159 in Timnathserah,8556 which is in mount2022 Ephraim,669 on the north side6828 of the hill2022 of Gaash.1608 31 And Israel3478 served5647 the LORD3068 all the days3117 of Joshua,3091 and all the days3117 of the elders2205 that {Heb. prolonged their days after Joshua} overlived748 3117 310 Joshua,3091 and which had known3045 all the works4639 of the LORD,3068 that he had done6213 for Israel.3478 32 ¶ And the bones6106 of Joseph,3130 which the children1121 of Israel3478 brought up5927 out of Egypt,4714 buried6912 they in Shechem,7927 in a parcel2513 of ground7704 which Jacob3290 bought7069 of the sons1121 of Hamor2544 the father1 of Shechem7927 for an hundred3967 {Or, lambs} pieces of silver:7192 and it became the inheritance5159 of the children1121 of Joseph.3130 33 And Eleazar499 the son1121 of Aaron175 died;4191 and they buried6912 him in a hill1389 that pertained to Phinehas6372 his son,1121 which was given5414 him in mount2022 Ephraim.669

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