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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1 ¶ Also, thou son1121 of man,120 prophesy5012 unto the mountains2022 of Israel,3478 and say,559 Ye mountains2022 of Israel,3478 hear8085 the word1697 of the LORD:3068 2 Thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 Because the enemy341 hath said559 against you, Aha,1889 even the ancient5769 high places1116 are ours in possession:4181 3 Therefore prophesy5012 and say,559 Thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 {Heb. because for because} Because they have made you desolate,8074 and swallowed you up7602 on every side,5439 that ye might be a possession4181 unto the residue7611 of the heathen,1471 and {Or, ye are made to come up on the lip of the tongue} ye are taken up5927 in the lips8193 of talkers,3956 and are an infamy1681 of the people:5971 4 Therefore, ye mountains2022 of Israel,3478 hear8085 the word1697 of the Lord136 GOD;3069 Thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD3069 to the mountains,2022 and to the hills,1389 to the {Or, bottoms or dales} rivers,650 and to the valleys,1516 to the desolate8074 wastes,2723 and to the cities5892 that are forsaken,5800 which became a prey957 and derision3933 to the residue7611 of the heathen1471 that are round about;5439 5 Therefore thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 Surely in the fire784 of my jealousy7068 have I spoken1696 against the residue7611 of the heathen,1471 and against all Idumea,123 which have appointed5414 my land776 into their possession4181 with the joy8057 of all their heart,3824 with despiteful7589 minds,5315 to cast it out4054 for a prey.957 6 Prophesy5012 therefore concerning the land127 of Israel,3478 and say559 unto the mountains,2022 and to the hills,1389 to the rivers,650 and to the valleys,1516 Thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 Behold, I have spoken1696 in my jealousy7068 and in my fury,2534 because ye have borne5375 the shame3639 of the heathen:1471 7 Therefore thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 I have lifted up5375 mine hand,3027 Surely the heathen1471 that are about5439 you, they shall bear5375 their shame.3639 8 ¶ But ye, O mountains2022 of Israel,3478 ye shall shoot forth5414 your branches,6057 and yield5375 your fruit6529 to my people5971 of Israel;3478 for they are at hand7126 to come.935 9 For, behold, I am for you, and I will turn6437 unto you, and ye shall be tilled5647 and sown:2232 10 And I will multiply7235 men120 upon you, all the house1004 of Israel,3478 even all of it: and the cities5892 shall be inhabited,3427 and the wastes2723 shall be builded:1129 11 And I will multiply7235 upon you man120 and beast;929 and they shall increase7235 and bring fruit:6509 and I will settle3427 you after your old estates,6927 and will do better2895 unto you than at your beginnings:7221 and ye shall know3045 that I am the LORD.3068 12 Yea, I will cause men120 to walk3212 upon you, even my people5971 Israel;3478 and they shall possess3423 thee, and thou shalt be their inheritance,5159 and thou shalt no more3254 henceforth bereave7921 them of men. 13 Thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 Because they say559 unto you, Thou land devourest up398 men,120 and hast bereaved7921 thy nations;1471 14 Therefore thou shalt devour398 men120 no more, neither {Or, cause to fall} bereave7921 3782 thy nations1471 any more, saith5002 the Lord136 GOD.3069 15 Neither will I cause men to hear8085 in thee the shame3639 of the heathen1471 any more, neither shalt thou bear5375 the reproach2781 of the people5971 any more, neither shalt thou cause thy nations1471 to fall3782 any more, saith5002 the Lord136 GOD.3069 16 ¶ Moreover the word1697 of the LORD3068 came unto me, saying,559 17 Son1121 of man,120 when the house1004 of Israel3478 dwelt3427 in their own land,127 they defiled2930 it by their own way1870 and by their doings:5949 their way1870 was before6440 me as the uncleanness2932 of a removed woman.5079 18 Wherefore I poured8210 my fury2534 upon them for the blood1818 that they had shed8210 upon the land,776 and for their idols1544 wherewith they had polluted2930 it: 19 And I scattered6327 them among the heathen,1471 and they were dispersed2219 through the countries:776 according to their way1870 and according to their doings5949 I judged8199 them. 20 And when they entered935 unto the heathen,1471 whither they went,935 they profaned2490 my holy6944 name,8034 when they said559 to them, These are the people5971 of the LORD,3068 and are gone forth3318 out of his land.776 21 ¶ But I had pity2550 for mine holy6944 name,8034 which the house1004 of Israel3478 had profaned2490 among the heathen,1471 whither they went.935 22 Therefore say559 unto the house1004 of Israel,3478 Thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 I do6213 not this for your sakes, O house1004 of Israel,3478 but for mine holy6944 name's8034 sake, which ye have profaned2490 among the heathen,1471 whither ye went.935 23 And I will sanctify6942 my great1419 name,8034 which was profaned2490 among the heathen,1471 which ye have profaned2490 in the midst8432 of them; and the heathen1471 shall know3045 that I am the LORD,3068 saith5002 the Lord136 GOD,3069 when I shall be sanctified6942 in you before {Or, your} their eyes.5869 24 For I will take3947 you from among4480 the heathen,1471 and gather6908 you out of all countries,776 and will bring935 you into your own land.127 25 ¶ Then will I sprinkle2236 clean2889 water4325 upon you, and ye shall be clean:2891 from all your filthiness,2932 and from all your idols,1544 will I cleanse2891 you. 26 A new2319 heart3820 also will I give5414 you, and a new2319 spirit7307 will I put5414 within7130 you: and I will take away5493 the stony68 heart3820 out of your flesh,1320 and I will give5414 you an heart3820 of flesh.1320 27 And I will put5414 my spirit7307 within7130 you, and cause6213 you to walk3212 in my statutes,2706 and ye shall keep8104 my judgments,4941 and do6213 them. 28 And ye shall dwell3427 in the land776 that I gave5414 to your fathers;1 and ye shall be my people,5971 and I will be your God.430 29 I will also save3467 you from all your uncleannesses:2932 and I will call7121 for the corn,1715 and will increase7235 it, and lay5414 no famine7458 upon you. 30 And I will multiply7235 the fruit6529 of the tree,6086 and the increase8570 of the field,7704 that ye shall receive3947 no more reproach2781 of famine7458 among the heathen.1471 31 Then shall ye remember2142 your own evil7451 ways,1870 and your doings4611 that were not good,2896 and shall lothe6962 yourselves in your own sight6440 for your iniquities5771 and for your abominations.8441 32 Not for your sakes do6213 I this, saith5002 the Lord136 GOD,3069 be it known3045 unto you: be ashamed954 and confounded3637 for your own ways,1870 O house1004 of Israel.3478 33 Thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 In the day3117 that I shall have cleansed2891 you from all your iniquities5771 I will also cause you to dwell3427 in the cities,5892 and the wastes2723 shall be builded.1129 34 And the desolate8074 land776 shall be tilled,5647 whereas it lay desolate8077 in the sight5869 of all that passed by.5674 35 And they shall say,559 This1977 land776 that was desolate8074 is become like the garden1588 of Eden;5731 and the waste2720 and desolate8074 and ruined2040 cities5892 are become fenced,1219 and are inhabited.3427 36 Then the heathen1471 that are left7604 round about5439 you shall know3045 that I the LORD3068 build1129 the ruined2040 places, and plant5193 that that was desolate:8074 I the LORD3068 have spoken1696 it, and I will do6213 it. 37 Thus saith559 the Lord136 GOD;3069 I will yet for this be enquired1875 of by the house1004 of Israel,3478 to do6213 it for them; I will increase7235 them with men120 like a flock.6629 38 As the {Heb. flock of holy things} holy6944 flock,6629 as the flock6629 of Jerusalem3389 in her solemn feasts;4150 so shall the waste2720 cities5892 be filled4392 with flocks6629 of men:120 and they shall know3045 that I am the LORD.3068

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