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Luke 24:1 Now1161 upon the first3391 day of the week,4521 very early in the morning,3722 901 they came2064 unto1909 the sepulchre,3418 bringing5342 the spices759 which3739 they had prepared,2090 and2532 certain5100 others with4862 them.846 2 And1161 they found2147 the stone3037 rolled away617 from575 the sepulchre.3419 3 And2532 they entered in,1525 and found2147 not3756 the body4983 of the Lord2962 Jesus.2424 4 And2532 it came to pass,1096 as1722 they846 were much perplexed1280 thereabout,4012 5127 2532 behold,2400 two1417 men435 stood by2186 them846 in1722 shining797 garments:2067 5 And1161 as1096 2794 they846 were1096 afraid,1719 and2532 bowed down2827 their faces4383 to1519 the earth,1093 they said2036 unto4314 them,846 Why5101 seek ye2212 the living2198{Or, him that liveth} among3326 the dead?3498 6 He is2076 not3756 here,5602 but235 is risen:1453 remember3415 how5613 he spake2980 unto you5213 when he was5607 yet2089 in1722 Galilee,1056 7 Saying,3004 3754 The Son5207 of man444 must1163 be delivered3860 into1519 the hands5495 of sinful268 men,444 and2532 be crucified,4717 and2532 the third5154 day2250 rise again.450 8 And2532 they remembered3415 his846 words,4487 9 And2532 returned5290 from575 the sepulchre,3419 and told518 all3956 these things5023 unto the eleven,1733 and2532 to all3956 the rest.3062 10 It1161 was2258 Mary3137 Magdalene,3094 and2532 Joanna,2489 and2532 Mary3137 the mother of James,2385 and2532 other3062 women that were with4862 them,846 which3739 told3004 these things5023 unto4314 the apostles.652 11 And2532 their846 words4487 seemed5316 to1799 them846 as5616 idle tales,3026 and2532 they believed569 2794 them846 not.569 12 Then1161 arose450 Peter,4074 and ran5143 unto1909 the sepulchre;3419 and2532 stooping down,3879 he beheld991 the linen clothes3608 laid2749 by themselves,3441 and2532 departed,565 wondering2296 in4314 himself1438 at that which was come to pass.1096

Luke 24:13 And,2532 behold,2400 two1417 of1537 them846 went2258 4198 that1722 same846 day2250 to1519 a village2968 called3739 3686 Emmaus,1695 which was568 from575 Jerusalem2419 about threescore1835 furlongs.4712 14 And2532 they846 talked3656 together4314 240 of4012 all3956 these things5130 which had happened.4819 15 And2532 it came to pass,1096 that, while1722 they846 communed3656 together and2532 reasoned,4802 Jesus2424 himself2532 846 drew near,1448 and went with4848 them.846 16 But1161 their846 eyes3788 were holden2902 that they should1921 2794 not3361 know1921 him.846 17 And1161 he said2036 unto4314 them,846 What5101 manner of communications3056 are these3778 that3739 ye have474 one to4314 another,240 as ye walk,4043 and2532 are2075 sad?4659 18 And1161 the one of them,1520 whose3739 name3686 was Cleopas,2810 answering611 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Art thou4771 only3441 a stranger3939 in1722 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 hast1097 2794 not3756 known1097 the things which are come to pass1096 there1722 846 in1722 these5025 days?2250 19 And2532 he said2036 unto them,846 What things?4169 And1161 they said2036 unto him,846 Concerning4012 Jesus2424 of Nazareth,3480 which3739 was1096 a prophet4396 mighty1415 in1722 435 deed2041 and2532 word3056 before1726 God2316 and2532 all3956 the people:2992 20 And how3704 5037 the chief priests749 and2532 our2257 rulers758 delivered3860 him846 to1519 be condemned2917 to death,2288 and2532 have crucified4717 him.846 21 But1161 we2249 trusted1679 that3754 it had been2076 he846 which should3195 have redeemed3084 Israel:2474 and235 beside1065 4862 all3956 this,5125 to day4594 is71 the5026 third5154 day2250 since575 3739 these things5023 were done.1096 22 Yea,235 and certain5100 women1135 also2532 of1537 our company2257 made1839 2794 us2248 astonished,1839 which were1096 early3721 at1909 the sepulchre;3419 23 And2532 when they found2147 not3361 his846 body,4983 they came,2064 saying,3004 that they had3708 2794 also2532 seen3708 a vision3701 of angels,32 which3739 said3004 that he846 was alive.2198 24 And2532 certain of them5100 which were with4862 us2254 went565 to1909 the sepulchre,3419 and2532 found2147 it even2532 so3779 as2531 the women1135 had said:2036 but1161 him846 they saw1492 not.3756 25 Then2532 he846 said2036 unto4314 them,846 O5599 fools,453 and2532 slow1021 of heart2588 to believe4100 1909 all3956 that3739 the prophets4396 have spoken:2980 26 Ought1163 not3780 Christ5547 to have suffered3958 these things,5023 and2532 to enter1525 into1519 his846 glory?1391 27 And2532 beginning756 at575 Moses3475 and2532 575 all3956 the prophets,4396 he expounded1329 unto them846 in1722 all3956 the scriptures1124 the things concerning4012 himself.1438 28 And2532 they drew nigh1448 unto1519 the village,2968 whither3757 they went:4198 and2532 he846 made as though4364 he would have gone4198 further.4208 29 But2532 they constrained3849 him,846 saying,3004 Abide3306 with3326 us:2257 for3754 it is2076 toward4314 evening,2073 and2532 the day2250 is far spent.2827 And2532 he went in1525 to tarry3306 with4862 them.846 30 And2532 it came to pass,1096 as1722 he846 sat at meat2625 with3326 them,846 he took2983 bread,740 and blessed2127 it, and2532 brake,2806 and gave1929 to them.846 31 And1161 their846 eyes3788 were opened,1272 and2532 they knew1921 him;846 and2532 he846 vanished1096 855 out of575 their sight.846{Or, ceased to be seen of them} 32 And2532 they said2036 one to another,4314 240 Did2258 not3780 our2257 heart2588 burn2545 within1722 us,2254 while5613 he talked2980 with us2254 by1722 the way,3598 and2532 while5613 he opened1272 to us2254 the scriptures?1124 33 And2532 they rose up450 the same846 hour,5610 and returned5290 to1519 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 found2147 the eleven1733 gathered together,4867 and2532 them that were with4862 them,846 34 Saying,3004 3754 The Lord2962 is risen1453 indeed,3689 and2532 hath appeared3700 to Simon.4613 35 And2532 they846 told1834 what things were done in1722 the way,3598 and2532 how5613 he was known1097 of them846 in1722 breaking2800 of bread.740

Luke 24:36 And1161 as they846 thus5023 spake,2980 Jesus2424 himself846 stood2476 in1722 the midst3319 of them,846 and2532 saith3004 unto them,846 Peace1515 be unto you.5213 37 But1161 they were terrified4422 and2532 affrighted,1719 1096 and supposed1380 that they had seen2334 a spirit.4151 38 And2532 he said2036 unto them,846 Why5101 are ye2075 troubled?5015 and2532 why1302 do thoughts1261 arise305 in1722 your5216 hearts?2588 39 Behold1492 my3450 hands5495 and2532 my3450 feet,4228 that3754 it is1510 I1473 myself:846 handle5584 me,3165 and2532 see;1492 for3754 a spirit4151 hath2192 not3756 flesh4561 and2532 bones,3747 as2531 ye see2334 me1691 have.2192 40 And2532 when he had thus5124 spoken,2036 he shewed1925 them846 his hands5495 and2532 his feet.4228 41 And1161 while they846 yet2089 believed not569 for575 joy,5479 and2532 wondered,2296 he said2036 unto them,846 Have ye2192 here1759 any5100 meat?1034 42 And1161 they gave1929 him846 a piece3313 of a broiled3702 fish,2486 and2532 of575 an honeycomb.3193 2781 43 And2532 he took2983 it, and did eat5315 before1799 them.846 44 And1161 he said2036 unto them,846 These3778 are the words3056 which3739 I spake2980 unto4314 you,5209 while5607 I was yet2089 with4862 you,5213 that3754 all things3956 must1163 be fulfilled,4137 which3588 were written1125 in1722 the law3551 of Moses,3475 and2532 in the prophets,4396 and2532 in the psalms,5568 concerning4012 me.1700 45 Then5119 opened he1272 their846 understanding,3563 that they might understand4920 the scriptures,1124 46 And2532 said2036 unto them,846 Thus3754 3779 it is written,1125 and2532 thus3779 it behoved1163 Christ5547 to suffer,3958 and2532 to rise450 from1537 the dead3498 the third5154 day:2250 47 And2532 that repentance3341 and2532 remission859 of sins266 should be preached2784 in1909 his846 name3686 among1519 all3956 nations,1484 beginning756 at575 Jerusalem.2419 48 And1161 ye5210 are2075 witnesses3144 of these things.5130 49 And,2532 behold,2400 I1473 send649 the promise1860 of my3450 Father3962 upon1909 you:5209 but1161 tarry2523 ye5210 in1722 the city4172 of Jerusalem,2419 until2193 ye3739 be endued1746 with power1411 from1537 on high.5311

Luke 24:50 And1161 he led1806 them846 out1854 as far as2193 to1519 Bethany,963 and2532 he lifted up1869 his846 hands,5495 and blessed2127 them.846 51 And2532 it came to pass,1096 while1722 he846 blessed2127 them,846 he was parted1339 from575 them,846 and2532 carried up399 into1519 heaven.3772 52 And2532 they846 worshipped4352 him,846 and returned5290 to1519 Jerusalem2419 with3326 great3173 joy:5479 53 And2532 were2258 continually1275 in1722 the temple,2411 praising134 and2532 blessing2127 God.2316 Amen.281

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