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John 5:1 After3326 this5023 there was2258 a feast1859 of the Jews;2453 and2532 Jesus2424 went up305 to1519 Jerusalem.2414 2 Now1161 there is2076 at1722 Jerusalem2414 by1909 the sheep4262 market{Or, gate} a pool,2861 which3588 is called1951 in the Hebrew tongue1447 Bethesda,964 having2192 five4002 porches.4745 3 In1722 these5025 lay2621 a great4183 multitude4128 of impotent folk,770 of blind,5185 halt,5560 withered,3584 waiting for1551 the moving2796 of the water.5204 4 For1063 an angel32 went down2597 at2596 a certain season2540 into1722 the pool,2861 and2532 troubled5015 the water:5204 whosoever then3767 first4413 after3326 the troubling5016 of the water5204 stepped in1684 was made1096 whole5199 of3739 whatsoever1221 disease3553 he had.2722 5 And1161 a certain5100 man444 was2258 there,1563 which had2192 an infirmity1722 769 thirty5144 and eight3638 years.2094 6 When Jesus2424 saw1492 him5126 lie,2621 and2532 knew1097 that3754 he had been2192 now2235 a long4183 time5550 in that case, he saith3004 unto him,846 Wilt thou2309 be made1096 whole?5199 7 The impotent man770 answered611 him,846 Sir,2962 I have2192 no3756 man,444 when3752 the water5204 is troubled,5015 to2443 put906 me3165 into1519 the pool:2861 but1161 while1722 3739 I1473 am coming,2064 another243 steppeth down2597 before4253 me.1700 8 Jesus2424 saith3004 unto him,846 Rise,1453 take up142 thy4675 bed,2895 and2532 walk.4043 9 And2532 immediately2112 the man444 was made1096 whole,5199 and2532 took up142 his846 bed,2895 and2532 walked:4043 and1161 on1722 the same1565 day2250 was2258 the sabbath.4521

John 5:10 The Jews2453 therefore3767 said3004 unto him that was cured,2323 It is2076 the sabbath day:4521 it is1832 2794 not3756 lawful1832 for thee4671 to carry142 thy bed.2895 11 He answered611 them,846 He that made4160 me3165 whole,5199 the same1565 said2036 unto me,3427 Take up142 thy4675 bed,2895 and2532 walk.4043 12 Then3767 asked they2065 him,846 What5101 man444 is2076 that which3588 said2036 unto thee,4671 Take up142 thy4675 bed,2895 and2532 walk?4043 13 And1161 he that was healed2390 wist1492 not3756 who5101 it was:2076 for1063 Jesus2424 had conveyed himself away,1593 a multitude3793 being5607 in1722 that{Or, from the multitude that was} place.5117

John 5:14 Afterward3326 5023 Jesus2424 findeth2147 him846 in1722 the temple,2411 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 Behold,2396 thou art made1096 whole:5199 sin264 no more,3371 lest3363 a worse thing5501 5100 come1096 unto thee.4671 15 The man444 departed,565 and2532 told312 the Jews2453 that3754 it was2076 Jesus,2424 which3588 had made4160 him846 whole.5199 16 And2532 therefore1223 5124 did1377 2794 the Jews2453 persecute1377 Jesus,2424 and2532 sought2212 to slay615 him,846 because3754 he had done4160 these things5023 on1722 the sabbath day.4521

John 5:17 But1161 Jesus2424 answered611 them,846 My3450 Father3962 worketh2038 hitherto,2193 737 and I2504 work.2038 18 Therefore1223 5124 3767 the Jews2453 sought2212 the more3123 to kill615 him,846 because3754 he3089 2794 not3756 only3440 had broken3089 the sabbath,4521 but235 said3004 also2532 that God2316 was his2398 Father,3962 making4160 himself1438 equal2470 with God.2316 19 Then3767 answered611 Jesus2424 and2532 said2036 unto them,846 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 The Son5207 can1410 3756 do4160 nothing3762 of575 himself,1438 but3362 what5100 he seeth991 the Father3962 do:4160 for1063 what things soever3739 302 he1565 doeth,4160 these5023 also2532 doeth4160 the Son5207 likewise.3668 20 For1063 the Father3962 loveth5368 the Son,5207 and2532 sheweth1166 him846 all things3956 that3739 himself846 doeth:4160 and2532 he will shew1166 him846 greater3187 2794 works2041 than3187 these,5130 that2443 ye5210 may marvel.2296 21 For1063 as5618 the Father3962 raiseth up1453 the dead,3498 and2532 quickeneth2227 them; even2532 so3779 the Son5207 quickeneth2227 whom3739 he will.2309 22 For1063 3761 the Father3962 judgeth2919 no man,3762 but235 hath committed1325 all3956 judgment2920 unto the Son:5207 23 That2443 all3956 men should honour5091 the Son,5207 even as2531 they honour5091 the Father.3962 He that honoureth5091 not3361 the Son5207 honoureth5091 not3756 the Father3962 which3588 hath sent3992 him.846

John 5:24 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 3754 He that heareth191 my3450 word,3056 and2532 believeth4100 on him that sent3992 me,3165 hath2192 everlasting166 life,2222 and2532 shall2064 2794 not3756 come2064 into1519 condemnation;2920 but235 is passed3327 from1537 death2288 unto1519 life.2222 25 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 3754 The hour5610 is coming,2064 and2532 now3568 is,2076 when3753 the dead3498 shall hear191 the voice5456 of the Son5207 of God:2316 and2532 they that hear191 shall live.2198 26 For1063 as5618 the Father3962 hath2192 life2222 in1722 himself;1438 so2532 3779 hath he given1325 to the Son5207 to have2192 life2222 in1722 himself;1438 27 And2532 hath given1325 him846 authority1849 to execute4160 judgment2920 also,2532 because3754 he is2076 the Son5207 of man.444 28 Marvel2296 not3361 at this:5124 for3754 the hour5610 is coming,2064 in1722 the which3739 all3956 that are in1722 the graves3419 shall hear191 his846 voice,5456 29 And2532 shall come forth;1607 they that have done4160 good,18 unto1519 the resurrection386 of life;2222 and1161 they that have done4238 evil,5337 unto1519 the resurrection386 of damnation.2920 30 I1473 can1410 of575 mine own self1683 do4160 nothing:3756 3762 as2531 I hear,191 I judge:2919 and2532 my1699 judgment2920 is2076 just;1342 because3754 I seek2212 not3756 mine own1699 will,2307 but235 the will2307 of the Father3962 which hath sent3992 me.3165

John 5:31 If1437 I1473 bear witness3140 of4012 myself,1683 my3450 witness3141 is2076 not3756 true.227 32 There is2076 another243 that beareth witness3140 of4012 me;1700 and2532 I know1492 that3754 the witness3141 which3739 he witnesseth3140 of4012 me1700 is2076 true.227 33 Ye5210 sent649 unto4314 John,2491 and2532 he bare witness3140 unto the truth.225 34 But1161 I1473 receive2983 not3756 testimony3141 from3844 man:444 but235 these things5023 I say,3004 that2443 ye5210 might be saved.4982 35 He1565 was2258 a burning2545 and2532 a shining5316 light:3088 and1161 ye5210 were willing2309 for4314 a season5610 to rejoice21 in1722 his846 light.5457 36 But1161 I1473 have2192 greater3187 witness3141 than that of John:2491 for1063 the works2041 which3739 the Father3962 hath given1325 me3427 to2443 finish,5048 846 the same846 works2041 that3739 I1473 do,4160 bear witness3140 of4012 me,1700 that3754 the Father3962 hath sent649 me.3165 37 And2532 the Father3962 himself,846 which hath sent3992 me,3165 hath borne witness3140 of4012 me.1700 Ye have191 2794 neither3777 heard191 his846 voice5456 at any time,4455 nor3777 seen3708 his846 shape.1491 38 And2532 ye have2192 not3756 his846 word3056 abiding3306 in1722 you:5213 for3754 whom3739 1565 he hath sent,649 him5129 ye5210 believe4100 not.3756

John 5:39 Search2045 the scriptures;1124 for3754 in1722 them846 ye5210 think1380 ye have2192 eternal166 life:2222 and2532 they1565 are they1526 which testify3140 of4012 me.1700 40 And2532 ye will2309 not3756 come2064 to4314 me,3165 that2443 ye might have2192 life.2222 41 I receive2983 not3756 honour1391 from3844 men.444 42 But235 I know1097 you,5209 that3754 ye have2192 not3756 the love26 of God2316 in1722 you.1438 43 I am1473 come2064 in1722 my3450 Father's3962 name,3686 and2532 ye receive2983 me3165 not:3756 if1437 another243 shall come2064 in1722 his own2398 name,3686 him1565 ye will receive.2983 44 How4459 can1410 ye5210 believe,4100 which receive2983 honour1391 one of another,3844 240 and2532 seek2212 not3756 the honour1391 that cometh from3844 God2316 only?3441 45 Do1380 2794 not3361 think1380 that3754 I1473 will accuse2723 you5216 to4314 the Father:3962 there is2076 one that accuseth2723 you,5216 even Moses,3475 in1519 whom3739 ye5210 trust.1679 46 For1063 1487 had ye believed4100 Moses,3475 ye would have believed4100 302 me:1698 for1063 he1565 wrote1125 of4012 me.1700 47 But1161 if1487 ye believe4100 not3756 his1565 writings,1121 how4459 shall ye believe4100 my1699 words?4487

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