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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
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Romans 9:14 What5101 shall we say2046 then?3767 3361 Is there unrighteousness93 with3844 God?2316 God forbid.3361 1096 15 For1063 he saith3004 to Moses,3475 I will have mercy on1653 whom3739 302 I will have mercy,1653 and2532 I will have compassion3627 on whom3739 302 I will have compassion.3627 16 So686 then3767 it is not3756 of him that willeth,2309 nor3761 of him that runneth,5143 but235 of God2316 that sheweth mercy.1653 17 For1063 the scripture1124 saith3004 unto Pharaoh,5328 Even for3754 1519 this5124 same purpose846 have I raised1825 2794 thee4571 up,1825 that3704 I might shew1731 my3450 power1411 in1722 thee,4671 and2532 that3704 my3450 name3686 might be declared1229 throughout1722 all3956 the earth.1093

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