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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
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Romans 11:11 I say3004 then,3767 3361 Have they stumbled4417 that2443 they should fall?4098 God forbid:3361 1096 but235 rather through their846 fall3900 salvation4991 is come unto the Gentiles,1484 for to1519 provoke3863 2794 them846 to jealousy.3863 12 Now1161 if1487 the fall3900 of them846 be the riches4149 of the world,2889 and2532 the diminishing2275{Or, decay, or loss} of them846 the riches4149 of the Gentiles;1484 how4214 much more3123 their846 fulness?4138 13 For1063 I speak3004 to you5213 Gentiles,1484 inasmuch as1909 3745 3303 I1473 am1510 the apostle652 of the Gentiles,1484 I magnify1392 mine3450 office:1248 14 If by any means1513 4458 I may provoke to emulation3863 them which are my3450 flesh,4561 and2532 might save4982 some5100 of1537 them.846 15 For1063 if1487 the casting away580 of them846 be the reconciling2643 of the world,2889 what5101 shall the receiving4356 of them be, but1508 life2222 from1537 the dead?3498

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