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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1 ¶ If there be therefore3767 any1536 consolation3874 in1722 Christ,5547 if any1536 comfort3890 of love,26 if any1536 fellowship2842 of the Spirit,4151 if any1536 bowels4698 and2532 mercies,3628 2 Fulfil ye4137 my3450 joy,5479 that2443 ye be likeminded,846 5426 having2192 the same846 love,26 being of one accord,4861 of one1520 mind.5426 3 Let nothing3367 be done through2596 strife2052 or2228 vainglory;2754 but235 in lowliness of mind5012 let2233 2794 each240 2794 esteem2233 other240 better than5242 themselves.1438 4 Look4648 not3361 every man1538 on his own things,1438 but235 every man1538 also2532 on the things3588 of others.2087 5 ¶ Let1063 5426 2794 this5124 mind be5426 in1722 you,5213 which3739 was also2532 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus:2424 6 Who,3739 being5225 in1722 the form3444 of God,2316 thought it2233 not3756 robbery725 to be1511 equal2470 with God:2316 7 But235 made2758 2794 himself1438 of no reputation,2758 and took upon him2983 the form3444 of a servant,1401 and was made1096 in1722 the {Or, habit} likeness3667 of men:444 8 And2532 being found2147 in fashion4976 as5613 a man,444 he humbled5013 himself,1438 and became1096 obedient5255 unto3360 death,2288 even1161 the death2288 of the cross.4716 9 Wherefore1352 God2316 also2532 hath highly exalted5251 him,846 and2532 given5483 him846 a name3686 which3588 is above5228 every3956 name:3686 10 That2443 at1722 the name3686 of Jesus2424 every3956 knee1119 should bow,2578 of things in heaven,2032 and2532 things in earth,1919 and2532 things under the earth;2709 11 And2532 that every3956 tongue1100 should confess1843 that3754 Jesus2424 Christ5547 is Lord,2962 to1519 the glory1391 of God2316 the Father.3962 12 ¶ Wherefore,5620 my3450 beloved,27 as2531 ye have5219 2794 always3842 obeyed,5219 not3361 as5613 in1722 my3450 presence3952 only,3440 but235 now3568 much4183 more3123 in1722 my3450 absence,666 work out2716 your own1438 salvation4991 with3326 fear5401 and2532 trembling.5156 13 For1063 it is2076 God2316 which3588 worketh1754 in1722 you5213 both2532 to will2309 and2532 to do1754 of5228 his good pleasure.2107 14 Do4160 all things3956 without5565 murmurings1112 and2532 disputings:1261 15 That2443 ye may be1096 blameless273 and2532 {Or, sincere} harmless,185 the sons5043 of God,2316 without rebuke,298 in1722 the midst3319 of a crooked4646 and2532 perverse1294 nation,1074 among1722 whom3739 {Or, shine ye} ye shine5316 as5613 lights5458 in1722 the world;2889 16 Holding forth1907 the word3056 of life;2222 that1519 I1698 may rejoice2745 in1519 the day2250 of Christ,5547 that3754 I have5143 2794 not3756 run5143 in1519 vain,2756 neither3761 laboured2872 in1519 vain.2756 17 Yea,235 and if1499 I be {Gr. poured forth} offered4689 upon1909 the sacrifice2378 and2532 service3009 of your5216 faith,4102 I joy,5463 and2532 rejoice with4796 you5213 all.3956 18 For1161 the same cause846 also2532 do5463 2794 ye5210 joy,5463 and2532 rejoice with4796 me.3427 19{Or, moreover} But1161 I trust1679 in1722 the Lord2962 Jesus2424 to send3992 Timotheus5095 shortly5030 unto you,5213 that2443 I also2504 may be of good comfort,2174 when I know1097 your5216 state.4012 20 For1063 I have2192 no man3762 {Or, so dear unto me} likeminded,2473 who3748 will naturally1104 care3309 for your5216 state.4012 21 For1063 all3956 seek2212 their own,1438 not3756 the things which are3588 Jesus2424 Christ's.5547 22 But1161 ye know1097 the proof1382 of him,846 that,3754 as5613 a son5043 with the father,3962 he hath served1398 with4862 me1698 in1519 the gospel.2098 23 Him3303 5126 therefore3767 I hope1679 to send3992 presently,1824 so soon as5613 I302 shall see542 how4012 it will go with me.1691 24 But1161 I trust3982 in1722 the Lord2962 that3754 I2064 2794 also2532 myself846 shall come2064 shortly.5030 25 Yet1161 I supposed2233 it necessary316 to send3992 to4314 you5209 Epaphroditus,1891 my3450 brother,80 and2532 companion in labour,4904 and2532 fellowsoldier,4961 but1161 your5216 messenger,652 and2532 he that ministered3011 to my3450 wants.5532 26 For1894 he2258 longed after1971 you5209 all,3956 and2532 was full of heaviness,85 because1360 that ye had heard191 that3754 he had been sick.770 27 For1063 indeed2532 he was sick770 nigh3897 unto death:2288 but235 God2316 had mercy1653 on him;846 and1161 not3756 on him846 only,3440 but235 on me1691 also,2532 lest3363 I should have2192 sorrow3077 upon1909 sorrow.3077 28 I sent3992 him846 therefore3767 the more carefully,4708 that,2443 when ye see1492 him846 again,3825 ye may rejoice,5463 and that I2504 may be5600 the less sorrowful.253 29 Receive4327 him846 therefore3767 in1722 the Lord2962 with3326 all3956 gladness;5479 and2532 {Or, honour such} hold2192 such5108 in reputation:1784 30 Because3754 for1223 the work2041 of Christ5547 he was nigh1448 unto3360 death,2288 not regarding3851 his life,5590 to2443 supply378 your5216 lack5303 of service3009 toward4314 me.3165

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