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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1Judge2919 not,3361 that3363 2794 ye be2919 2794 not3363 judged.2919 2 For1722 with3739 what1063 judgment2917 ye judge,2919 ye shall be judged:2919 and2532 with1722 what3739 measure3358 ye mete,3354 it shall be measured488 2794 to you5213 again.488 3 And1161 why5101 beholdest991 thou the mote2595 that is in1722 thy4675 brother's80 eye,3788 but1161 considerest2657 not3756 the beam1385 that is in1722 thine own4674 eye?3788 4 Or2228 how4459 wilt thou say2046 to thy4675 brother,80 Let863 me pull out1544 the mote2595 out of575 thine4675 eye;3788 and,2532 behold,2400 a beam1385 is in1722 thine own4675 eye?3788 5 Thou hypocrite,5273 first4412 cast out1544 the beam1385 out of1537 thine own4675 eye;3788 and2532 then5119 shalt thou see clearly1227 to cast out1544 the mote2595 out of1537 thy4675 brother's80 eye.3788 6Give1325 not3361 that which3588 is holy40 unto the dogs,2965 neither3366 cast906 ye your5216 pearls3135 before1715 swine,5519 lest3379 they trample2662 them846 under1722 their846 feet,4228 and2532 turn again4762 and rend4486 you.5209 7Ask,154 and2532 it shall be given1325 you;5213 seek,2212 and2532 ye shall find;2147 knock,2925 and2532 it shall be opened455 unto you:5213 8 For1063 every one3956 that asketh154 receiveth;2983 and2532 he that seeketh2212 findeth;2147 and2532 to him that knocketh2925 it shall be opened.455 9 Or2228 what5101 man444 is2076 there of1537 you,5216 whom3739 if1437 his846 son5207 ask154 bread,740 will he give3361 1929 him846 a stone?3037 10 Or2532 if1437 he ask154 a fish,2486 will he give3361 1929 him846 a serpent?3789 11 If1487 ye5210 then,3767 being5607 evil,4190 know1492 how to give1325 good18 gifts1390 unto your5216 children,5043 how much4214 more3123 shall your5216 Father3962 which3588 is in1722 heaven3772 give1325 good things18 to them that ask154 him?846 12 Therefore3767 all things3956 whatsoever302 3745 ye would2309 that2443 men444 should do4160 to you,5213 do4160 ye5210 even2532 so3779 to them:846 for1063 this3778 is2076 the law3551 and2532 the prophets.4396 13Enter ye in1525 at1223 the strait4728 gate:4439 for3754 wide4116 is the gate,4439 and2532 broad2149 is the way,3598 that leadeth520 to1519 destruction,684 and2532 many4183 there be1526 which3588 go in1525 thereat:1223 846 14 Because3754 strait4728 is the gate,4439 and2532 narrow2346 is the way,3598 which3588 leadeth520 unto1519 life,2222 and2532 few3641 there be1526 that find2147 it.846 15Beware1161 4337 of575 false prophets,5578 which3748 come2064 to4314 you5209 in1722 sheep's4263 clothing,1742 but1161 inwardly2081 they are1526 ravening727 wolves.3074 16 Ye shall know1921 them846 by575 their846 fruits.2590 3385 Do men gather4816 grapes4718 of575 thorns,173 or2228 figs4810 of575 thistles?5146 17 Even so3779 every3956 good18 tree1186 bringeth forth4160 good2570 fruit;2590 but1161 a corrupt4550 tree1186 bringeth forth4160 evil4190 fruit.2590 18 A good18 tree1186 cannot3756 1410 bring forth4160 evil4190 fruit,2590 neither3761 can a corrupt4550 tree1186 bring forth4160 good2570 fruit.2590 19 Every3956 tree1186 that bringeth4160 2794 not3361 forth4160 good2570 fruit2590 is hewn down,1581 and2532 cast906 into1519 the fire.4442 20 Wherefore686 by575 their846 fruits2590 ye shall know1921 them.846 21 Not3756 every one3956 that saith3004 unto me,3427 Lord,2962 Lord,2962 shall enter1525 into1519 the kingdom932 of heaven;3772 but235 he that doeth4160 the will2307 of my3450 Father3962 which is in1722 heaven.3772 22 Many4183 will say2046 to me3427 in1722 that1565 day,2250 Lord,2962 Lord,2962 have we4395 2794 not3756 prophesied4395 in thy4674 name?3686 and2532 in thy4674 name3686 have cast out1544 devils?1140 and2532 in thy4674 name3686 done4160 many4183 wonderful works?1411 23 And2532 then5119 will I profess3670 unto them,846 3754 I never3763 knew1097 you:5209 depart672 from575 me,1700 ye that work2038 iniquity.458 24Therefore3767 whosoever3956 3748 heareth191 these5128 sayings3056 of mine,3450 and2532 doeth4160 them,846 I will liken3666 him846 unto a wise5429 man,435 which3748 built3618 his846 house3614 upon1909 a rock:4073 25 And2532 the rain1028 descended,2597 and2532 the floods4215 came,2064 and2532 the winds417 blew,4154 and2532 beat upon4363 that1565 house;3614 and2532 it fell4098 not:3756 for1063 it was founded2311 upon1909 a rock.4073 26 And2532 every one3956 that heareth191 these5128 sayings3056 of mine,3450 and2532 doeth4160 them846 not,3361 shall be likened3666 unto a foolish3474 man,435 which3748 built3618 his846 house3614 upon1909 the sand:285 27 And2532 the rain1028 descended,2597 and2532 the floods4215 came,2064 and2532 the winds417 blew,4154 and2532 beat upon4350 that1565 house;3614 and2532 it fell:4098 and2532 great3173 was2258 the fall4431 of it.846 28 ¶ And2532 it came to pass,1096 when3753 Jesus2424 had ended4931 these5128 sayings,3056 the people3793 were astonished1605 at1909 his846 doctrine:1322 29 For1063 he taught1321 2258 them846 as5613 one having2192 authority,1849 and2532 not3756 as5613 the scribes.1122

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