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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1 ¶ In the end1161 3796 of the sabbath,4521 as it began to dawn2020 toward1519 the first3391 day of the week,4521 came2064 Mary3137 Magdalene3094 and2532 the other243 Mary3137 to see2334 the sepulchre.5028 2 And,2532 behold,2400 there {Or, had been} was1096 a great3173 earthquake:4578 for1063 the angel32 of the Lord2962 descended2597 from1537 heaven,3772 and came4334 and rolled back617 the stone3037 from575 the door,2374 and2532 sat2521 upon1883 it.846 3 His1161 846 countenance2397 was2258 like5613 lightning,796 and2532 his846 raiment1742 white3022 as5616 snow:5510 4 And1161 for575 fear5401 of him846 the keepers5083 did shake,4579 and2532 became1096 as5616 dead3498 men. 5 And1161 the angel32 answered611 and said2036 unto the women,1135 Fear5399 not3361 ye:5210 for1063 I know1492 that3754 ye seek2212 Jesus,2424 which3588 was crucified.4717 6 He is2076 not3756 here:5602 for1063 he is risen,1453 as2531 he said.2036 Come,1205 see1492 the place5117 where3699 the Lord2962 lay.2749 7 And2532 go4198 quickly,5035 and tell2036 his846 disciples3101 that3754 he is risen1453 from575 the dead;3498 and,2532 behold,2400 he goeth before4254 you5209 into1519 Galilee;1056 there1563 shall ye see3700 him:846 lo,2400 I have told2036 you.5213 8 And2532 they departed1831 quickly5035 from575 the sepulchre3419 with3326 fear5401 and2532 great3173 joy;5479 and did run5143 to bring518 2794 his846 disciples3101 word.518 9 ¶ And1161 as5613 they went4198 to tell518 his846 disciples,3101 2532 behold,2400 Jesus2424 met528 them,846 saying,3004 All hail.5463 And1161 they came4334 and held2902 him846 by the feet,4228 and2532 worshipped4352 him.846 10 Then5119 said3004 Jesus2424 unto them,846 Be5399 2794 not3361 afraid:5399 go565 tell518 my3450 brethren80 that2443 they go5217 into1519 Galilee,1056 and there2546 shall they see3700 me.3165 11 ¶ Now1161 when they846 were going,4198 behold,2400 some5100 of the watch2892 came2064 into1519 the city,4172 and shewed518 unto the chief priests749 all the things537 that were done.1096 12 And2532 when they were assembled4863 with3326 the elders,4245 and5037 had taken2983 counsel,4824 they gave1325 large2425 money694 unto the soldiers,4757 13 Saying,3004 Say ye,2036 3754 His846 disciples3101 came2064 by night,3571 and stole2813 him846 away while we2257 slept.2837 14 And2532 if1437 this5124 come191 2794 to1909 the governor's2232 ears,191 we2249 will persuade3982 him,846 and2532 secure275 4160 you.5209 15 So1161 they took2983 the money,694 and did4160 as5613 they were taught:1321 and2532 this3778 saying3056 is commonly reported1310 among3844 the Jews2453 until3360 this day.4594 16 ¶ Then1161 the eleven1733 disciples3101 went away4198 into1519 Galilee,1056 into1519 a mountain3735 where3757 Jesus2424 had appointed5021 them.846 17 And2532 when they saw1492 him,846 they worshipped4352 him:846 but1161 some doubted.1365 18 ¶ And2532 Jesus2424 came4334 and spake2980 unto them,846 saying,3004 All3956 power1849 is given1325 unto me3427 in1722 heaven3772 and2532 in1909 earth.1093 19 Go ye4198 therefore,3767 and teach3100 all3956 nations,1484 baptizing907 them846 in1519 the name3686 of the Father,3962 and2532 of the Son,5207 and2532 of the Holy40 Ghost:4151 20 Teaching1321 them846 to observe5083 all things3956 whatsoever3745 I have commanded1781 you:5213 and,2532 lo,2400 I1473 am1510 with3326 you5216 alway,3956 2250 even unto2193 the end4930 of the world.165 Amen.281

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