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Matthew 27:62 Now1161 the next day,1887 that3748 followed2076 3326 the day of the preparation,3904 the chief priests749 and2532 Pharisees5330 came together4863 unto4314 Pilate,4091 63 Saying,3004 Sir,2962 we remember3415 that3754 that1565 deceiver4108 said,2036 while he was yet2089 alive,2198 After3326 three5140 days2250 I will rise again.1453 64 Command2753 therefore3767 that the sepulchre5028 be made sure805 until2193 the third5154 day,2250 lest3379 his846 disciples3101 come2064 by night,3571 and steal2813 2794 him846 away,2813 and2532 say2036 unto the people,2992 He is risen1453 from575 the dead:3498 so2532 the last2078 error4106 shall be2071 worse than5501 the first.4413

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