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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
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Matthew 26:2 Ye know1492 that3754 after3326 two1417 days2250 is1096 the feast of the passover,3957 and2532 the Son5207 of man444 is betrayed3860 to1519 be crucified.4717

Matthew 26:3 Then5119 assembled together4863 the chief priests,749 and2532 the scribes,1122 and2532 the elders4245 of the people,2992 unto1519 the palace833 of the high priest,749 who3588 was called3004 Caiaphas,2533 4 And2532 consulted4823 that2443 they might take2902 Jesus2424 by subtilty,1388 and2532 kill615 him. 5 But1161 they said,3004 Not3361 on1722 the feast1859 day, lest3363 there be1096 an uproar2351 among1722 the people.2992

Matthew 26:6 Now1161 when Jesus2424 was1096 in1722 Bethany,963 in1722 the house3614 of Simon4613 the leper,3015 7 There came4334 unto him846 a woman1135 having2192 an alabaster box211 of very precious927 ointment,3464 and2532 poured it2708 on1909 his846 head,2776 as he sat345 at meat. 8 But1161 when his846 disciples3101 saw1492 it, they had indignation,23 saying,3004 To1519 what purpose5101 is this3778 waste?684 9 For1063 this5124 ointment3464 might1410 have been sold4097 for much,4183 and2532 given1325 to the poor.4434 10 When1161 Jesus2424 understood1097 it, he said2036 unto them,846 Why5101 trouble ye2873 3930 the woman?1135 for1063 she hath wrought2038 a good2570 work2041 upon1519 me.1691 11 For1063 ye have2192 the poor4434 always3842 with3326 you;1438 but1161 me1691 ye have2192 not3756 always.3842 12 For in that1063 she3778 846 hath poured906 this5124 ointment3464 on1909 my3450 body,4983 she did4160 it for4314 my3165 burial.1779

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