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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1 ¶ And1161 Saul,4569 yet2089 breathing out1709 threatenings547 and2532 slaughter5408 against1519 the disciples3101 of the Lord,2962 went4334 unto the high priest,749 2 And desired154 of3844 him846 letters1992 to1519 Damascus1154 to4314 the synagogues,4864 that3704 if1437 he found2147 any5100 of this way,3598 whether5037 they were5607 men435 or2532 women,1135 he might bring them71 bound1210 unto1519 Jerusalem.2419 3 And1161 as he846 journeyed,4198 1722 he came1096 near1448 Damascus:1154 and2532 suddenly1810 there shined round about4015 him846 a light5457 from575 heaven:3772 4 And2532 he fell4098 to1909 the earth,1093 and heard191 a voice5456 saying3004 unto him,846 Saul,4549 Saul,4549 why5101 persecutest thou1377 me?3165 5 And1161 he said,2036 Who5101 art thou,1488 Lord?2962 And1161 the Lord2962 said,2036 I1473 am1510 Jesus2424 whom3739 thou4771 persecutest:1377 it is hard4642 for thee4671 to kick2979 against4314 the pricks.2759 6 And5037 he trembling5141 and2532 astonished2284 said,2036 Lord,2962 what5101 wilt thou have2309 me3165 to do?4160 And2532 the Lord2962 said unto4314 him,846 Arise,450 and2532 go1525 into1519 the city,4172 and2532 it shall be told2980 thee4671 what5101 thou4571 must1163 do.4160 7 And1161 the men435 which3588 journeyed4922 with him846 stood2476 speechless,1769 hearing191 3303 a voice,5456 but1161 seeing2334 no man.3367 8 And1161 Saul4569 arose1453 from575 the earth;1093 and1161 when his846 eyes3788 were opened,455 he saw991 no man:3762 but1161 they led5496 2794 him846 by the hand,5496 and brought1521 him into1519 Damascus.1154 9 And2532 he was2258 three5140 days2250 without3361 sight,991 and2532 neither3756 did eat5315 nor3761 drink.4095 10 ¶ And1161 there was2258 a certain5100 disciple3101 at1722 Damascus,1154 named3686 Ananias;367 and2532 to4314 him846 said2036 the Lord2962 in1722 a vision,3705 Ananias.367 And1161 he said,2036 Behold,2400 I1473 am here, Lord.2962 11 And1161 the Lord2962 said unto4314 him,846 Arise,450 and go4198 into1909 the street4505 which3588 is called2564 Straight,2117 and2532 enquire2212 in1722 the house3614 of Judas2455 for one called3686 Saul,4569 of Tarsus:5018 for,1063 behold,2400 he prayeth,4336 12 And2532 hath seen1492 in1722 a vision3705 a man435 named3686 Ananias367 coming in,1525 and2532 putting2007 2794 his hand5495 on2007 him,846 that3704 he might receive his sight.308 13 Then1161 Ananias367 answered,611 Lord,2962 I have heard191 by575 many4183 of4012 this5127 man,435 how much3745 evil2556 he hath done4160 to thy4675 saints40 at1722 Jerusalem:2419 14 And2532 here5602 he hath2192 authority1849 from3844 the chief priests749 to bind1210 all3956 that call1941 on thy4675 name.3686 15 But1161 the Lord2962 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Go thy way:4198 for3754 he3778 is2076 a chosen1589 vessel4632 unto me,3427 to bear941 my3450 name3686 before1799 the Gentiles,1484 and2532 kings,935 and5037 the children5207 of Israel:2474 16 For1063 I1473 will shew5263 him846 how great things3745 he846 must1163 suffer3958 for5228 2794 my3450 name's sake.3686 5228 17 And1161 Ananias367 went his way,565 and2532 entered1525 into1519 the house;3614 and2532 putting2007 his hands5495 on1909 him846 said,2036 Brother80 Saul,4549 the Lord,2962 even Jesus,2424 that appeared3700 unto thee4671 in1722 the way3598 as3739 thou camest,2064 hath sent649 me,3165 that3704 thou mightest receive thy sight,308 and2532 be filled with4130 the Holy40 Ghost.4151 18 And2532 immediately2112 there fell634 from575 his846 eyes3788 as5616 it had been scales:3013 and he received sight308 forthwith,3916 and5037 arose,450 and2532 was baptized.907 19 And2532 when he had received2983 meat,5160 he was strengthened.1765 Then1161 was1096 Saul4569 certain5100 days2250 with3326 the disciples3101 which were at1722 Damascus.1154 20 ¶ And2532 straightway2112 he preached2784 Christ5547 in1722 the synagogues,4864 that3754 he3778 is2076 the Son5207 of God.2316 21 But1161 all3956 that heard191 him were amazed,1839 and2532 said;3004 Is2076 not3756 this3778 he that destroyed4199 them which3588 called on1941 this5124 name3686 in1722 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 came2064 hither5602 for1519 2794 that5124 intent,1519 that2443 he might bring71 them846 bound1210 unto1909 the chief priests?749 22 But1161 Saul4569 increased1743 2794 the more3123 in strength,1743 and2532 confounded4797 the Jews2453 which3588 dwelt2730 at1722 Damascus,1154 proving4822 that3754 this3778 is2076 very Christ.5547 23 ¶ And1161 after5613 that many2425 days2250 were fulfilled,4137 the Jews2453 took counsel4823 to kill337 him:846 24 But1161 their846 laying await1917 was known1097 of Saul.4569 And5037 they watched3906 the gates4439 day2250 and2532 night3571 to3704 kill337 him.846 25 Then1161 the disciples3101 took2983 him846 by night,3571 and let him down2524 5465 by1223 the wall5038 in1722 a basket.4711 26 And1161 when Saul4569 was come3854 to1519 Jerusalem,2419 he assayed3987 to join himself2853 to the disciples:3101 but2532 they were5399 2794 all3956 afraid5399 of him,846 and believed4100 not3361 that3754 he was2076 a disciple.3101 27 But1161 Barnabas921 took1949 him,846 and brought71 him to4314 the apostles,652 and2532 declared1334 unto them846 how4459 he had seen1492 the Lord2962 in1722 the way,3598 and2532 that3754 he had spoken2980 to him,846 and2532 how4459 he had preached boldly3955 at1722 Damascus1154 in1722 the name3686 of Jesus.2424 28 And2532 he was2258 with3326 them846 coming in1531 and2532 going out1607 at1722 Jerusalem.2419 29 And2532 he spake2980 boldly3955 in1722 the name3686 of the Lord2962 Jesus,2424 and5037 2532 disputed4802 against4314 the Grecians:1675 but1161 they went about2021 to slay337 him.846 30 Which when1161 the brethren80 knew,1921 they brought2609 2794 him846 down2609 to1519 Caesarea,2542 and2532 sent1821 2794 him846 forth1821 to1519 Tarsus.5019 31 Then3303 3767 had2192 the churches1577 rest1515 throughout2596 all3650 Judaea2449 and2532 Galilee1056 and2532 Samaria,4540 and were edified;3618 and2532 walking in4198 the fear5401 of the Lord,2962 and2532 in the comfort3874 of the Holy40 Ghost,4151 were multiplied.4129 32 ¶ And1161 it came1096 to pass, as1330 2794 Peter4074 passed throughout1330 1223 all3956 quarters, he came down2718 also2532 to4314 the saints40 which3588 dwelt2730 at Lydda.3069 33 And1161 there1563 he found2147 a certain5100 man444 named3686 Aeneas,132 which had kept2621 1909 his bed2895 1537 eight3638 years,2094 and3739 was2258 sick of the palsy.3886 34 And2532 Peter4074 said2036 unto him,846 Aeneas,132 Jesus2424 Christ5547 maketh2390 2794 thee4571 whole:2390 arise,450 and2532 make4766 2794 thy4572 bed.4766 And2532 he arose450 immediately.2112 35 And2532 all3956 that dwelt2730 at Lydda3069 and2532 Saron4565 saw1492 him,846 and3748 turned1994 to1909 the Lord.2962 36 ¶ Now1161 there was2258 at1722 Joppa2445 a certain5100 disciple3102 named3686 Tabitha,5000 which3739 by interpretation1329 is called3004 Dorcas:1393 this woman3778 846 was2258 full4134 of good18 works2041 and2532 almsdeeds1654 which3739 she did.4160 37 And1161 it came to pass1096 in1722 those1565 days,2250 that she was sick,770 and died:599 whom when1161 they846 had washed,3068 846 they laid5087 her in1722 an upper chamber.5253 38 And1161 forasmuch as5607 Lydda3069 was nigh1451 to Joppa,2445 and the disciples3101 had heard191 that3754 Peter4074 was2076 there,1722 846 they sent649 unto4314 him846 two1417 men,435 desiring3870 him that he would3635 2794 not3361 {Or, be grieved} delay3635 to come1330 to2193 them.846 39 Then1161 Peter4074 arose450 and went with4905 them.846 When he3739 was come,3854 they brought him321 into1519 the upper chamber:5253 and2532 all3956 the widows5503 stood by3936 him846 weeping,2799 and2532 shewing1925 the coats5509 and2532 garments2440 which3745 Dorcas1393 made,4160 while she was5607 with3326 them.846 40 But1161 Peter4074 put1544 them all3956 forth,1854 and kneeled down,5087 1119 and prayed;4336 and2532 turning1994 him to4314 the body4983 said,2036 Tabitha,5000 arise.450 And1161 she opened455 her846 eyes:3788 and2532 when she saw1492 Peter,4074 she sat up.339 41 And1161 he gave1325 her846 his hand,5495 and lifted450 2794 her846 up,450 and1161 when he had called5455 the saints40 and2532 widows,5503 presented3936 her846 alive.2198 42 And1161 it was1096 known1110 throughout2596 all3650 Joppa;2445 and2532 many4183 believed4100 in1909 the Lord.2962 43 And1161 it came to pass,1096 that he846 tarried3306 many2425 days2250 in1722 Joppa2445 with3844 one5100 Simon4613 a tanner.1038

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