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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
    2 Peter
1 ¶ This5026 second1208 epistle,1992 beloved,27 I1125 2794 now2235 write1125 unto you;5213 in1722 both which3739 I stir up1326 your5216 pure1506 minds1271 by way1722 of remembrance:5280 2 That ye may be mindful3415 of the words4487 which were spoken before4280 by5259 the holy40 prophets,4396 and2532 of the commandment1785 of us2257 the apostles652 of the Lord2962 and2532 Saviour:4990 3 Knowing1097 this5124 first,4412 that3754 there shall come2064 in1909 the last2078 days2250 scoffers,1703 walking4198 after2596 their846 own2398 lusts,1939 4 And2532 saying,3004 Where4226 is2076 the promise1860 of his846 coming?3952 for1063 since575 3739 the fathers3962 fell asleep,2837 all things3956 continue3779 1265 as they were from575 the beginning746 of the creation.2937 5 For1063 this5124 they846 willingly2309 are ignorant of,2990 that3754 by the word3056 of God2316 the heavens3772 were2258 of old,1597 and2532 the earth1093 {Gr. consisting} standing out4921 of1537 the water5204 and2532 in1223 the water:5204 6 Whereby1223 3739 the world2889 that then was,5119 being overflowed2626 with water,5204 perished:622 7 But1161 the heavens3772 and2532 the earth,1093 which are now,3568 by the same846 word3056 are1526 kept in store,2343 reserved5083 unto fire4442 against1519 the day2250 of judgment2920 and2532 perdition684 of ungodly765 men.444 8 ¶ But,1161 beloved,27 be2990 2794 not3361 5209 ignorant2990 of this one1520 thing,5124 that3754 one3391 day2250 is with3844 the Lord2962 as5613 a thousand5507 years,2094 and2532 a thousand5507 years2094 as5613 one3391 day.2250 9 The Lord2962 is1019 2794 not3756 slack1019 concerning his promise,1860 as5613 some men5100 count2233 slackness;1022 but235 is longsuffering3114 to1519 us-ward,2248 not3361 willing1014 that any5100 should perish,622 but235 that all3956 should come5562 to1519 repentance.3341 10 But1161 the day2250 of the Lord2962 will come2240 as5613 a thief2812 in1722 the night;3571 in1722 the which3739 the heavens3772 shall pass away3928 with a great noise,4500 and1161 the elements4747 shall melt3089 with fervent heat,2741 the earth1093 also2532 and2532 the works2041 that are therein1722 846 shall be burned up.2618 11 Seeing then3767 that all3956 these things5130 shall be dissolved,3089 what manner4217 of persons ought1163 ye5209 to be5225 in1722 all holy40 conversation391 and2532 godliness,2150 12 Looking for4328 and2532 {Or, hasting the coming} hasting4692 unto the coming3952 of the day2250 of God,2316 wherein1223 3739 the heavens3772 being on fire4448 shall be dissolved,3089 and2532 the elements4747 shall melt5080 with fervent heat?2741 13 Nevertheless1161 we,4328 2794 according to2596 his846 promise,1862 look for4328 new2537 heavens3772 and2532 a new2537 earth,1093 wherein1722 3739 dwelleth2730 righteousness.1343 14 ¶ Wherefore,1352 beloved,27 seeing that ye look for4328 such things,5023 be diligent4704 that ye may be found2147 of him846 in1722 peace,1515 without spot,784 and2532 blameless.298 15 And2532 account2233 that the longsuffering3115 of our2257 Lord2962 is salvation;4991 even as2531 our2257 beloved27 brother80 Paul3972 also2532 according to2596 the wisdom4678 given1325 unto him846 hath written1125 unto you;5213 16 As5613 also2532 in1722 all3956 his epistles,1992 speaking2980 in1722 them846 of4012 these things;5130 in1722 which3739 are2076 some things5100 hard to be understood,1425 which3739 they that are unlearned261 and2532 unstable793 wrest,4761 as5613 they do also2532 the other3062 scriptures,1124 unto4314 their846 own2398 destruction.684 17 Ye5210 therefore,3767 beloved,27 seeing ye know these things before,4267 beware5442 lest3363 ye also,1601 2794 being led away4879 with the error4106 of the wicked,113 fall from1601 your own2398 stedfastness.4740 18 But1161 grow837 in1722 grace,5485 and2532 in the knowledge1108 of our2257 Lord2962 and2532 Saviour4990 Jesus2424 Christ.5547 To him846 be glory1391 both2532 now3568 and2532 for1519 ever.165 2250 Amen.281

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