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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
    2 Corinthians
1 ¶ Now1161 I1473 Paul3972 myself846 beseech3870 you5209 by1223 the meekness4236 and2532 gentleness1932 of Christ,5547 who3739 {Or, in outward appearance} in2596 presence4383 am base3303 5011 among1722 you,5213 but1161 being absent548 am bold2292 toward1519 you:5209 2 But1161 I beseech1189 you, that I may not3361 be bold2292 when I am present3918 with that confidence,4006 wherewith3739 I {Or, reckon} think3049 to be bold5111 against1909 some,5100 which3588 think3049 of us2248 as5613 if we walked4043 according2596 to the flesh.4561 3 For1063 though we walk4043 in1722 the flesh,4561 we do4754 2794 not3756 war4754 after2596 the flesh:4561 4 (For1063 the weapons3696 of our2257 warfare4752 are not3756 carnal,4559 but235 mighty1415 {Or, to God} through God2316 to4314 the pulling down2506 of strong holds;)3794 5 Casting down2507 {Or, reasonings} imaginations,3053 and2532 every3956 high thing5313 that exalteth itself1869 against2596 the knowledge1108 of God,2316 and2532 bringing into captivity163 every3956 thought3540 to1519 the obedience5218 of Christ;5547 6 And2532 having2192 in1722 a readiness2092 to revenge1556 all3956 disobedience,3876 when3752 your5216 obedience5218 is fulfilled.4137 7 ¶ Do ye look on991 things after2596 the outward appearance?4383 If any man1536 trust3982 to himself1438 that he is1511 Christ's,5547 let him3049 2794 of575 himself1438 think3049 this5124 again,3825 that,3754 as2531 he846 is Christ's,5547 even2532 so3779 are we2249 Christ's.5547 8 For1063 2532 though1437 5037 I should boast2744 somewhat5100 more4055 of4012 our2257 authority,1849 which3739 the Lord2962 hath given1325 us2254 for1519 edification,3619 and2532 not3756 for1519 your5216 destruction,2506 I should153 2794 not3756 be ashamed:153 9 That3363 2794 I may1380 2794 not3363 seem1380 as5613 if302 I would terrify1629 you5209 by1223 letters.1992 10 For3754 his letters,1992 3303 say they,5346 are weighty926 and2532 powerful;2478 but1161 his bodily4983 presence3952 is weak,772 and2532 his speech3056 contemptible.1848 11 Let3049 2794 such an one5108 think3049 this,5124 that,3754 such as3634 we are2070 in word3056 by1223 letters1992 when we are absent,548 such5108 will we be also2532 in deed2041 when we are present.3918 12 ¶ For1063 we dare5111 not3756 make1469 2794 ourselves of the number,1469 or2228 compare4793 2794 ourselves1438 with4793 some5100 that commend4921 themselves:1438 but235 they846 measuring3354 themselves1438 by1722 themselves,1438 and2532 comparing4793 2794 themselves1438 among4793 themselves,1438 {Or, understand it not} are4920 2794 not3756 wise.4920 13 But1161 we2249 will2744 2794 not3780 boast2744 of things without1519 our measure,280 but235 according2596 to the measure3358 of the {Or, line} rule2583 which3739 God2316 hath distributed3307 to us,2254 a measure3358 to reach2185 even2532 unto891 you.5216 14 For1063 we stretch5239 2794 not3756 ourselves1438 beyond5239 our measure, as5613 though we reached2185 not3361 unto1519 you:5209 for1063 we are come5348 as far as891 to you5216 also2532 in1722 preaching the gospel2098 of Christ:5547 15 Not3756 boasting2744 of things without1519 our measure,280 that is, of1722 other men's245 labours;2873 but1161 having2192 hope,1680 when your5216 faith4102 is increased,837 that we shall be {Or, magnified in you} enlarged3170 by1722 you5213 according2596 to our2257 rule2583 abundantly,1519 4050 16 To preach the gospel2097 in1519 the regions beyond5238 you,5216 and not3756 to boast2744 in1722 another man's245 {Or, rule} line2583 of1519 things made ready to our hand.2092 17 But1161 he that glorieth,2744 let him glory2744 in1722 the Lord.2962 18 For1063 not3756 he1565 that commendeth4921 himself1438 is2076 approved,1384 but235 whom3739 the Lord2962 commendeth.4921

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