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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
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Mark 16:15 He2532 said2036 to them,846 "Go4198 into1519 all537 the world,2889 and preach2784 the Good News2098 to the whole3956 creation.2937 16 He3588 who believes4100 and2532 is baptized907 will be saved;4982 but1161 he3588 who disbelieves569 will be condemned.2632 17 These5023 signs4592 will accompany3877 those3588 who believe:4100 in1722 my3450 name3686 they will cast out1544 demons;1140 they will speak2980 with new2537 languages;1100 18 they will take up142 serpents;3789 and if2579 they drink4095 any5100 deadly2286 thing,5100 it will in no3364 way hurt984 them;846 they will lay2007 hands5495 on1909 the sick,732 and2532 they will2192 recover."2573

Mark 16:19 So3767 then3303 the Lord,2962{NA adds “Jesus”} after3326 he had spoken2980 to them,846 was received up353 into1519 heaven,3772 and2532 sat2523 down at1537 the right hand1188 of God.2316

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