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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
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Acts 10:44 While Peter4074 was still2089 speaking2980 these5023 words,4487 the Holy40 Spirit4151 fell1968 on1909 all3956 those3588 who heard191 the word.3056 45 2532 They3588 of1537 the circumcision4061 who believed4103 were amazed,1839 as3745 many as3745 came4905 with Peter,4074 because3754 the gift1431 of the Holy40 Spirit4151 was also2532 poured out1632 on the Gentiles.1484 46 For1063 they heard191 them846 speaking2980 in other languages1100 and2532 magnifying3170 God.2316 Then5119 Peter4074 answered,611 47 "Can1410 any man5100 forbid2967 3385 the water,5204 that2967 these5128 who3748 have received2983 the Holy40 Spirit4151 as well2531 as2532 we2249 should907 not3361 be baptized?"907

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