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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
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Psalm 2:1 Why do the nations1471 rage,7283{Or, tumultuously assemble} And the peoples3816 meditate1897 a vain thing?7385 2 The kings4428 of the earth776 set3320 themselves, And the rulers7336 take counsel3245 together,3162 Against Jehovah,3068 and against his anointed, saying,4899 3 Let us break5423 their bonds4147 asunder,5423 And cast away7993 their cords from us.5688 4 He that sitteth3427 in the heavens8064 will laugh:7832 The Lord136 will have them in derision.3932 5 Then will he speak1696 unto them in his wrath,639 And vex926{Or, trouble} them in his sore displeasure:2740 6 Yet I have set5258 my king4428 Upon my holy6944 hill2022 of Zion.6726 7 I will tell5608 of the decree:2706 Jehovah3068 said559 unto me, Thou art my son;1121 This day3117 have I begotten thee.3205 8 Ask7592 of me, and I will give5414 thee the nations1471 for thine inheritance,5159 And the uttermost parts657 of the earth776 for thy possession.272 9 Thou shalt break7489 them with a rod7626 of iron;1270 Thou shalt dash them in pieces5310 like a potter's3335 vessel.3627 10 Now therefore be wise,7919 O ye kings:4428 Be instructed,3256 ye judges8199 of the earth.776 11 Serve5647 Jehovah3068 with fear,3374 And rejoice1523 with trembling.7461 12 Kiss5401 the son,1248 lest he be angry,599 and ye perish6 in the way,1870 For his wrath639 will{Or, may} soon be4592 kindled.1197 Blessed835{Or, Happy} are all they that take refuge in him.2620

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