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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
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Micah 7:17 They shall lick3897 the dust6083 like a serpent;5175 like crawling things2119 of the earth776 they shall come trembling7264 out of their close places;4526 they shall come with fear3372 unto Jehovah3068 our God,430 and shall be afraid because of thee.3372

Micah 7:18 Who is a God410 like unto thee, that pardoneth5375 iniquity,5771 and passeth over5674 the transgression6588 of the remnant7611 of his heritage?5159 he retaineth2388 not his anger639 for ever,5703 because he delighteth2654 in lovingkindness.2617

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