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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1There is therefore686 now3568 no3762 condemnation2631 to them which are in1722 Christ5547 Jesus,2424 who walk4043 not3361 after2596 the flesh,4561 but235 after2596 the Spirit.4151 2 For1063 the law3551 of the Spirit4151 of life2222 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 hath made1659 2794 me3165 free1659 from575 the law3551 of sin266 and2532 death.2288 3 For1063 what the law3551 could not do,102 in1722 that3739 it was weak770 through1223 the flesh,4561 God2316 sending3992 his own1438 Son5207 in1722 the likeness3667 of sinful266 flesh,4561 and2532 {Or, by a sacrifice for sin} for4012 sin,266 condemned2632 sin266 in1722 the flesh:4561 4 That2443 the righteousness1345 of the law3551 might be fulfilled4137 in1722 us,2254 who walk4043 not3361 after2596 the flesh,4561 but235 after2596 the Spirit.4151 5 ¶ For1063 they that are5607 after2596 the flesh4561 do mind5426 the things3588 of the flesh;4561 but1161 they that are after2596 the Spirit4151 the things3588 of the Spirit.4151 6 For1063 {Gr. the minding of the spirit} to be5427 2794 carnally4561 minded5427 is death;2288 but1161 to be5427 2794 spiritually4151 minded5427 is life2222 and2532 peace.1515 7 Because1360 {Gr. the minding of the flesh} the carnal4561 mind5427 is enmity2189 against1519 God:2316 for1063 it is5293 2794 not3756 subject5293 to the law3551 of God,2316 neither3761 indeed1063 can be.1410 8 So then1161 they that are5607 in1722 the flesh4561 cannot3756 1410 please700 God.2316 9 But1161 ye5210 are2075 not3756 in1722 the flesh,4561 but235 in1722 the Spirit,4151 if so be1512 that the Spirit4151 of God2316 dwell3611 in1722 you.5213 Now1161 if any man1536 have2192 not3756 the Spirit4151 of Christ,5547 he3778 is2076 none3756 of his.846 10 And1161 if1487 Christ5547 be in1722 you,5213 the body4983 3303 is dead3498 because1223 of sin;266 but1161 the Spirit4151 is life2222 because1223 of righteousness.1343 11 But1161 if1487 the Spirit4151 of him that raised up1453 Jesus2424 from1537 the dead3498 dwell3611 in1722 you,5213 he that raised up1453 Christ5547 from1537 the dead3498 shall2227 2794 also2532 quicken2227 your5216 mortal2349 bodies4983 {Or, because of his spirit} by1223 his846 Spirit4151 that dwelleth1774 1774 in1722 you.5213 12 ¶ Therefore,686 3767 brethren,80 we are2070 debtors,3781 not3756 to the flesh,4561 to live2198 after2596 the flesh.4561 13 For1063 if1487 ye live2198 after2596 the flesh,4561 ye shall3195 die:599 but1161 if1487 ye2289 2794 through the Spirit4151 do mortify2289 the deeds4234 of the body,4983 ye shall live.2198 14 For1063 as many as3745 are led71 by the Spirit4151 of God,2316 they3778 are1526 the sons5207 of God.2316 15 For1063 ye have2983 2794 not3756 received2983 the spirit4151 of bondage1397 again3825 to1519 fear;5401 but235 ye have received2983 the Spirit4151 of adoption,5206 whereby1722 3739 we cry,2896 Abba,5 Father.3962 16 The Spirit4151 itself846 beareth witness4828 with our2257 spirit,4151 that3754 we are2070 the children5043 of God:2316 17 And1161 if1487 children,5043 then2532 heirs;2818 heirs2818 of God,3303 2316 and1161 joint-heirs4789 with Christ;5547 if so be1512 that we suffer with4841 him, that2443 we may be4888 2794 also2532 glorified together.4888 18 ¶ For1063 I reckon3049 that3754 the sufferings3804 of this present3568 time2540 are not3756 worthy514 to be compared with4314 the glory1391 which shall3195 be revealed601 in1519 us.2248 19 For1063 the earnest expectation603 of the creature2937 waiteth553 for the manifestation602 of the sons5207 of God.2316 20 For1063 the creature2937 was made subject5293 to vanity,3153 not3756 willingly,1635 but235 by reason1223 of him who hath subjected5293 the same in1909 hope,1680 21 Because3754 the creature2937 itself846 also2532 shall be delivered1659 from575 the bondage1397 of corruption5356 into1519 the glorious1391 liberty1657 of the children5043 of God.2316 22 For1063 we know1492 that3754 {Or, every creature} the whole3956 creation2937 groaneth4959 and2532 travaileth in pain together4944 until891 now.3568 23 And1161 not3756 only3440 they, but235 ourselves846 also,2532 which have2192 the firstfruits536 of the Spirit,4151 even2532 we2249 ourselves846 groan4727 within1722 ourselves,1438 waiting553 for the adoption,5206 to wit, the redemption629 of our2257 body.4983 24 For1063 we are saved4982 by hope:1680 but1161 hope1680 that is seen991 is2076 not3756 hope:1680 for1063 what3739 a man5100 seeth,991 why5101 doth he1679 2794 yet2532 hope for?1679 25 But1161 if1487 we hope1679 for that3739 we see991 not,3756 then do we553 2794 with1223 patience5281 wait for553 it. 26 Likewise1161 5615 the Spirit4151 also2532 helpeth4878 our2257 infirmities:769 for1063 we know1492 not3756 what5101 we should pray for4336 as2526 we ought:1163 but235 the Spirit4151 itself846 maketh intercession5241 for5228 us2257 with groanings4726 which cannot be uttered.215 27 And1161 he that searcheth2045 the hearts2588 knoweth1492 what5101 is the mind5427 of the Spirit,4151 {Or, that} because3754 he maketh intercession1793 for5228 the saints40 according2596 to the will of God.2316 28 And1161 we know1492 that all things3956 work together4903 for1519 good18 to them that3754 love25 God,2316 to them who are5607 the called2822 according2596 to his purpose.4286 29 ¶ For3754 whom3739 he did foreknow,4267 he4309 2794 also2532 did predestinate4309 to be conformed4832 to the image1504 of his846 Son,5207 that1519 he846 might be1511 the firstborn4416 among1722 many4183 brethren.80 30 Moreover1161 whom3739 he did predestinate,4309 them5128 he2564 2794 also2532 called:2564 and2532 whom3739 he called,2564 them5128 he1344 2794 also2532 justified:1344 and1161 whom3739 he justified,1344 them5128 he1392 2794 also2532 glorified.1392 31 ¶ What5101 shall we2046 2794 then3767 say2046 to4314 these things?5023 If1487 God2316 be for5228 us,2257 who5101 can be against2596 us?2257 32 He that3739 1065 spared5339 not3756 his own2398 Son,5207 but235 delivered3860 2794 him846 up3860 for5228 us2257 all,3956 how4459 shall he5483 2794 not3780 with4862 him846 also2532 freely give5483 us2254 all things?3956 33 Who5101 shall lay any thing1458 to the charge2596 of God's2316 elect?1588 It is God2316 that justifieth.1344 34 Who5101 is he that condemneth?2632 It is Christ5547 that died,599 yea1161 rather,3123 2532 that is risen again,1453 who3739 is2076 even2532 at1722 the right hand1188 of God,2316 who3739 also2532 maketh intercession1793 for5228 us.2257 35 Who5101 shall separate5563 us2248 from575 the love26 of Christ?5547 shall tribulation,2347 or2228 distress,4730 or2228 persecution,1375 or2228 famine,3042 or2228 nakedness,1132 or2228 peril,2794 or2228 sword?3162 36 As2531 it is written,1125 3754 For thy4675 sake1752 we are killed2289 all3650 the day long;2250 we are accounted3049 as5613 sheep4263 for the slaughter.4967 37 Nay,235 in1722 all3956 these things5125 we are more than conquerors5245 through1223 him that loved25 us.2248 38 ¶ For1063 I am persuaded,3982 that3754 neither3777 death,2288 nor3777 life,2222 nor3777 angels,32 nor3777 principalities,746 nor3777 powers,1411 nor3777 things present,1764 nor3777 things to come,3195 39 Nor3777 height,5313 nor3777 depth,899 nor3777 any5100 other2087 creature,2937 shall be able1410 to separate5563 us2248 from575 the love26 of God,2316 which is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 our2257 Lord.2962

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