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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.1
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Romans 7:1 Know2228 ye not,50 brethren,80 (for1063 I speak2980 to them that know1097 the law,)3551 how that3754 the law3551 hath dominion over2961 a man444 as long as1909 3745 5550 he liveth?2198 2 For1063 the woman1135 which hath an husband5220 is bound1210 by the law3551 to her husband435 so long as he liveth;2198 but1161 if1437 the husband435 be dead,599 she is loosed2673 from575 the law3551 of her husband.435 3 So then686 3767 if,1437 while her husband435 liveth,2198 she be married1096 to another2087 man,435 she shall be called5537 an adulteress:3428 but1161 if1437 her husband435 be dead,599 she is2076 free1658 from575 that law;3551 so that she846 is1511 no3361 adulteress,3428 though she be married1096 to another2087 man.435

Romans 7:4 Wherefore,5620 my3450 brethren,80 ye5210 also2532 are become dead2289 to the law3551 by1223 the body4983 of Christ;5547 that1519 ye5209 should be married1096 to another,2087 even to him who is raised1453 from1537 the dead,3498 that2443 we should bring forth fruit2592 unto God.2316 5 For1063 when3753 we were2258 in1722 the flesh,4561 the {Gr. passions} motions3804 of sins,266 which3588 were by1223 the law,3551 did work1754 in1722 our2257 members3196 to bring1519 forth fruit2592 unto death.2288 6 But1161 now3570 we are delivered2673 from575 the law,3551 {Or, being dead to that} that being dead599 599 wherein1722 3739 we were held;2722 that5620 we2248 should serve1398 in1722 newness2538 of spirit,4151 and2532 not3756 in the oldness3821 of the letter.1121

Romans 7:7 What5101 shall we say2046 then?3767 Is the law3551 sin?266 God forbid.3361 1096 Nay,235 I had1097 2794 not3756 known1097 sin,266 but1508 by1223 the law:3551 for1063 5037 I had1492 2794 not3756 known1492 {Or, concupiscence} lust,1939 except1508 the law3551 had said,3004 Thou shalt1937 2794 not3756 covet.1937 8 But1161 sin,266 taking2983 occasion874 by1223 the commandment,1785 wrought2716 in1722 me1698 all manner of3956 concupiscence.1939 For1063 without5565 the law3551 sin266 was dead.3498 9 For1161 I1473 was alive2198 without5565 the law3551 once:4218 but1161 when the commandment1785 came,2064 sin266 revived,326 and1161 I1473 died.599 10 And2532 the commandment,1785 which3588 was ordained to1519 life,2222 I3427 found2147 3778 to be unto1519 death.2288 11 For1063 sin,266 taking2983 occasion874 by1223 the commandment,1785 deceived1818 me,3165 and2532 by1223 it846 slew615 me. 12 Wherefore5620 3303 the law3551 is holy,40 and2532 the commandment1785 holy,40 and2532 just,1342 and2532 good.18

Romans 7:13 Was then3767 that which is good18 made1096 death2288 unto me?1698 God forbid.3361 1096 But235 sin,266 that2443 it might appear5316 sin,266 working2716 death2288 in me3427 by1223 that which is good;18 that2443 sin266 by1223 the commandment1785 might become1096 exceeding2596 5236 sinful.268 14 For1063 we know1492 that3754 the law3551 is2076 spiritual:4152 but1161 I1473 am1510 carnal,4559 sold4097 under5259 sin.266 15 For1063 that which3739 I do2716 I {Gr. know} allow1097 not:3756 for1063 what3739 I would,2309 that5124 do I4238 not;3756 but235 what3739 I hate,3404 that5124 do I.4160

Romans 7:16 If1487 then1161 I do4160 that5124 which3739 I would2309 not,3756 I consent4852 unto the law3551 that3754 it is good.2570 17 Now3570 then1161 it is no more3765 I1473 that do2716 it,846 but235 sin266 that dwelleth3611 in1722 me.1698 18 For1063 I know1492 that3754 in1722 me1698 (that is,5123 in1722 my3450 flesh,)4561 dwelleth3611 no3756 good thing:18 for1063 to will2309 is present3873 with me;3427 but1161 how to perform2716 that which is good2570 I find2147 not.3756 19 For1063 3739 the good18 that I would2309 I do4160 not:3756 but235 the evil2556 which3739 I would2309 not,3756 that5124 I do.4238 20 Now1161 if1487 3739 I do4160 that5124 I1473 would2309 not,3756 it is no more2089 3765 I1473 that do2716 it,846 but235 sin266 that dwelleth3611 in1722 me.1698 21 I find2147 then686 a law,3551 that,3754 when I1698 would2309 do4160 good,2570 evil2556 is present3873 with me.1698 22 For1063 I delight4913 in the law3551 of God2316 after2596 the inward2080 man:444 23 But1161 I see991 another2087 law3551 in1722 my3450 members,3196 warring against497 the law3551 of my3450 mind,3563 and2532 bringing163 2794 me3165 into captivity163 to the law3551 of sin266 which3588 is5607 in1722 my3450 members.3196 24 O wretched5005 man444 that I am!1473 who5101 shall deliver4506 me3165 from1537 {Or, this body of death} the body4983 of this5127 death?2288 25 I thank2168 God2316 through1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962 So then686 3767 with the mind3563 I1473 myself846 serve3303 1398 the law3551 of God;2316 but1161 with the flesh4561 the law3551 of sin.266

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