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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1 ¶ The Revelation602 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 which3739 God2316 gave1325 unto him,846 to shew1166 unto his846 servants1401 things which3739 must1163 shortly1722 5034 come to pass;1096 and2532 he sent649 and signified4591 it by1223 his846 angel32 unto his846 servant1401 John:2491 2 Who3739 bare record3140 of the word3056 of God,2316 and2532 of the testimony3141 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 and5037 of all things3745 that he saw.1492 3 Blessed3107 is he that readeth,314 and2532 they that hear191 the words3056 of this prophecy,4394 and2532 keep5083 those things which are written1125 therein:1722 846 for1063 the time2540 is at hand.1451 4 ¶ John2491 to the seven2033 churches1577 which3588 are in1722 Asia:773 Grace5485 be unto you,5213 and2532 peace,1515 from575 him which3588 is,5607 3801 2794 and2532 which3588 was,2258 3801 2794 and2532 which3588 is to come;2064 3801 and2532 from575 the seven2033 Spirits4151 which3739 are2076 before1799 his846 throne;2362 5 And2532 from575 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 who is the faithful4103 witness,3144 and the first begotten4416 of1537 the dead,3498 and2532 the prince758 of the kings935 of the earth.1093 Unto him that loved25 us,2248 and2532 washed3068 us2248 from575 our2257 sins266 in1722 his own846 blood,129 6 And2532 hath made4160 us2248 kings935 and2532 priests2409 unto God2316 and2532 his846 Father;3962 to him846 be glory1391 and2532 dominion2904 for1519 ever165 and ever.165 Amen.281 7 ¶ Behold,2400 he cometh2064 with3326 clouds;3507 and2532 every3956 eye3788 shall see3700 him,846 and2532 they also which3748 pierced1574 him:846 and2532 all3956 kindreds5443 of the earth1093 shall wail2875 because1909 of him.846 Even so,3483 Amen.281 8I1473 am1510 Alpha1 and2532 Omega,5598 the beginning746 and2532 the ending,5056 saith3004 the Lord,2962 which3588 is,5607 3801 2794 and2532 which3588 was,2258 3801 2794 and2532 which3588 is to come,2064 3801 the Almighty.3841 9 ¶ I1473 John,2491 who3588 also2532 am your5216 brother,80 and2532 companion4791 in1722 tribulation,2347 and2532 in1722 the kingdom932 and2532 patience5281 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 was1096 in1722 the isle3520 that is called2564 Patmos,3963 for1223 the word3056 of God,2316 and2532 for1223 the testimony3141 of Jesus2424 Christ.5547 10 I was1096 in1722 the Spirit4151 on1722 the Lord's2960 day,2250 and2532 heard191 behind3694 me3450 a great3173 voice,5456 as5613 of a trumpet,4536 11 Saying,3004 I1473 am1510 Alpha1 and2532 Omega,5598 the first4413 and2532 the last:2078 and,2532 What3739 thou seest,991 write1125 in1519 a book,975 and2532 send3992 it unto the seven2033 churches1577 which3588 are in1722 Asia;773 unto1519 Ephesus,2181 and2532 unto1519 Smyrna,4667 and2532 unto1519 Pergamos,4010 and2532 unto1519 Thyatira,2363 and2532 unto1519 Sardis,4554 and2532 unto1519 Philadelphia,5359 and2532 unto1519 Laodicea.2993 12 And2532 I turned1994 to see991 the voice5456 that3748 spake2980 with3326 me.1700 And2532 being turned,1994 I saw1492 seven2033 golden5552 candlesticks;3087 13 And2532 in1722 the midst3319 of the seven2033 candlesticks3087 one like3664 unto the Son5207 of man,444 clothed with a garment1746 down to the foot,4158 and2532 girt4024 about4314 the paps3149 with a golden5552 girdle.2223 14 His1161 846 head2776 and2532 his hairs2359 were white3022 like5616 wool,2053 as white3022 as5613 snow;5510 and2532 his846 eyes3788 were as5613 a flame5395 of fire;4442 15 And2532 his846 feet4228 like3664 unto fine brass,5474 as5613 if they burned4448 in1722 a furnace;2575 and2532 his846 voice5456 as5613 the sound5456 of many4183 waters.5204 16 And2532 he had2192 in1722 his846 right1188 hand5495 seven2033 stars:792 and2532 out of1537 his846 mouth4750 went1607 a sharp3691 twoedged1366 sword:4501 and2532 his846 countenance3799 was as5613 the sun2246 shineth5316 in1722 his846 strength.1411 17 And2532 when3753 I saw1492 him,846 I fell4098 at4314 his846 feet4228 as5613 dead.3498 And2532 he laid2007 his846 right1188 hand5495 upon1909 me,1691 saying3004 unto me,3427 Fear5399 not;3361 I1473 am1510 the first4413 and2532 the last:2078 18 I2532 am he that liveth,2198 and2532 was1096 dead;3498 and,2532 behold,2400 I am1510 alive2198 for1519 evermore,165 165 Amen;281 and2532 have2192 the keys2807 of hell86 and2532 of death.2288 19 Write1125 the things which3739 thou hast seen,1492 and2532 the things which3739 are,1526 and2532 the things which3739 shall3195 be1096 hereafter;3326 5023 20 The mystery3466 of the seven2033 stars792 which3739 thou sawest1492 in1909 my3450 right hand,1188 and2532 the seven2033 golden5552 candlesticks.3087 The seven2033 stars792 are1526 the angels32 of the seven2033 churches:1577 and2532 the seven2033 candlesticks3087 which3739 thou sawest1492 are1526 the seven2033 churches.1577

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