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John 6:1 After3326 these things5023 Jesus2424 went565 away to the other side4008 of the sea2281 of Galilee,1056 which is the sea of Tiberias.5085 2 And2532 a3793 great4183 multitude3793 followed190 him,846 because3754 they beheld3708 the846 signs4592 which3739 he did4160 on1909 them that were sick.770 3 And1161 Jesus2424 went up424 into1519 the mountain,3735 and2532 there1563 he sat2521 with3326 his846 disciples.3101 4 Now1161 the passover,3957 the feast1859 of the Jews,2453 was2258 at hand.1451 5 3767 Jesus2424 therefore3767 lifting up1869 his eyes,3788 and2532 seeing2300 that3754 a3754 great4183 multitude3793 cometh2064 unto4314 him,846 saith3004 unto4314 Philip,5376 Whence4159 are we to buy59 bread,740{Greek loaves.} that2443 these3778 may eat?5315 6 And1161 this5124 he said3004 to prove3985 him:846 for1063 he himself846 knew1492 what5101 he would3195 do.4160 7 Philip5376 answered611 him,846 Two hundred1250 shillings'1220{The word in the Greek denotes a coin worth about eight pence halfpenny, or nearly seventeen cents.} worth of bread740{Greek loaves.} is714 not3756 sufficient714 for them,846 that2443 every1538 one846 may take2983 a5100 little.1024 8 One1520 of1537 his846 disciples,3101 Andrew,406 Simon4613 Peter's4074 brother,80 saith3004 unto him,846 9 There is2076 a lad3808 here,5602 who3739 hath2192 five4002 barley2916 loaves,740 and2532 two1417 fishes:3795 but235 what5101 are2076 these5023 among1519 so many?5118 10 1161 Jesus2424 said,2036 Make4160 the people444 sit down.377 Now1161 there was2258 much4183 grass5528 in1722 the place.5117 So3767 the men435 sat down,377 in number706 about5616 five thousand.4000 11 1161 Jesus2424 therefore took2983 the loaves;740 and2532 having given thanks,2168 he distributed1239 to them3101 that were set down;345 likewise3668 also of1537 the fishes3795 as much as3745 they would.2309 12 And1161 when5613 they were filled,1705 he saith3004 unto his846 disciples,3101 Gather up4863 the broken pieces2801 which remain4052 over, that2443 nothing3361 5100 be lost.622 13 So3767 they gathered4863 them up,4863 and2532 filled1072 twelve1427 baskets2894 with broken pieces2801 from1537 the five4002 barley2916 loaves,740 which3739 remained over4052 unto them that had eaten.977 14 When3767 therefore the people444 saw1492 the sign4592{Some ancient authorities read signs.} which3739 he2424 did,4160 they said,3754 This3778 is2076 of a truth230 the prophet4396 that cometh2064 into1519 the world.2889

John 6:15 3767 Jesus2424 therefore3767 perceiving1097 that3754 they were about to3754 come2064 and2532 take726 him846 by force,726 to2443 make4160 him846 king,935 withdrew402 again3825 into1519 the mountain3735 himself846 alone.3441

John 6:16 And1161 when5613 evening3798 came,1096 his846 disciples3101 went1096 down2597 unto1909 the sea;2281 17 and2532 they entered1684 into1519 a boat,4143 and were going2064 over4008 the sea2281 unto1519 Capernaum.2584 And2532 it was1096 now2235 dark,4653 and2532 Jesus2424 had2064 not3756 yet come2064 to4314 them.846 18 And5037 the sea2281 was rising1326 by reason of a great3173 wind417 that blew.4154 19 When3767 therefore they had rowed1643 about5613 five4002 and twenty1501 or2228 thirty5144 furlongs,4712 they behold2334 Jesus2424 walking4043 on1909 the sea,2281 and2532 drawing1096 nigh1451 unto the boat:4143 and2532 they were afraid.5399 20 But1161 he saith3004 unto them,846 It is1510 I;1473 be5399 not3361 afraid.5399 21 They were willing2309 therefore3767 to receive2983 him846 into1519 the boat:4143 and2532 straightway2112 the boat4143 was1096 at1909 the land1093 whither1519 they3739 were going.5217

John 6:22 On the morrow1887 the multitude3793 that3754 stood2476 on the other243 side4008 of the sea2281 saw1492 that3754 there was2258 no3756 other243 boat4142{Greek little boat.} there, save1487 3361 1565 one,1520 and2532 that1565 Jesus2424 entered4897 not3756 with4897 his846 disciples3101 into1519 the boat,4142 but235 that his846 disciples3101 went away565 alone3441 23 (howbeit1161 there came2064 243 boats4142{Greek little boats.} from1537 Tiberias5085 nigh unto1451 the place5117 where3699 they ate5315 the bread740 after2168 the Lord2962 had given thanks):2168 24 when3753 the multitude3793 therefore3767 saw1492 that3754 Jesus2424 was2076 not3756 there,1563 neither3761 his846 disciples,3101 they846 themselves2532 got1684 into1519 the boats,4143{Greek little boats.} and2532 came2064 to1519 Capernaum,2584 seeking2212 Jesus.2424 25 And2532 when they found2147 him846 on the other side4008 of the sea,2281 they said2036 unto him,846 Rabbi,4461 when4219 camest thou1096 hither?5602 26 Jesus2424 answered611 them846 and2532 said,2036 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 Ye seek2212 me,3165 not3756 because3754 ye saw1492 signs,4592 but235 because3754 ye ate5315 of1537 the loaves,740 and2532 were filled.5526 27 Work2038 not3361 for the food1035 which perisheth,622 but235 for the food1035 which abideth3306 unto1519 eternal166 life,2222 which3739 the Son5207 of man444 shall give1325 unto you:5213 for1063 him5126 the Father,3962 even God,2316 hath4972 sealed.4972 28 They2036 said therefore3767 unto4314 him,846 What5101 must we do,4160 that2443 we may work2038 the works2041 of God?2316 29 Jesus2424 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto them,846 This5124 is2076 the work2041 of God,2316 that2443 ye believe4100 on1519 him whom3739 he1565{Or, he sent} hath sent.649 30 They said2036 therefore3767 unto him,846 What5101 then3767 doest4160 thou4771 for a sign,4592 that2443 we may see,1492 and2532 believe4100 thee?4671 what5101 workest thou?2038 31 Our2257 fathers3962 ate5315 the manna3131 in1722 the wilderness;2048 as2531 it is2076 written,1125 He gave1325{Neh. 9:15; Ex. 16:4, 15; Ps. 78:24; 105:40.} them846 bread740 out of1537 heaven3772 to eat.5315 32 Jesus2424 therefore3767 said2036 unto them,846 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 It was not3756 Moses3475 that gave1325 you5213 the bread740 out of1537 heaven;3772 but235 my3450 Father3962 giveth1325 you5213 the740 true228 bread740 out of1537 heaven.3772 33 For1063 the bread740 of God2316 is2076 that which cometh down2597 out of1537 heaven,3772 and2532 giveth1325 life2222 unto the world.2889 34 They2036 said therefore3767 unto4314 him,846 Lord,2962 evermore3842 give1325 us2254 this5126 bread.740 35 1161 Jesus2424 said2036 unto them,846 I1473 am1510 the bread740 of life:2222 he that cometh2064 to4314 me3165 shall3983 not3361 4455 hunger,3983 and2532 he that believeth4100 on1519 me1691 shall1372 never3361 4455 thirst.1372 36 But235 I said2036 unto you,5213 that3754 ye3708 2532 have seen3708 me,3165 and2532 yet believe4100 not.3756 37 All3956 that3739 which the Father3962 giveth1325 me3427 shall come2240 unto4314 me;1691 and2532 him that cometh2064 to4314 me3165 I will1544 in no3756 wise3756 cast1544 out.1854 38 For3754 I am come down2597 from1537 heaven,3772 not3756 to2443 do4160 mine own1699 will,2307 but235 the will2307 of him that sent3992 me.3165 39 And1161 this5124 is2076 the will2307 of him3962 that sent3992 me,3165 that2443 of1537 all3956 that which3739 he hath given1325 me3427 I should lose622 nothing,846 but235 should raise450 it846 up450 at1722 the last2078 day.2250 40 For1161 this5124 is2076 the will2307 of my Father,3992 3165 that2443 every one3956 that beholdeth2334 the Son,5207 and2532 believeth4100 on1519 him,846 should have2192 eternal166 life;2222 and2532 I1473{Or, that I should raise him up} will raise450 him846 up450 at the2250 last2078 day.2250

John 6:41 The Jews2453 therefore3767 murmured1111 concerning4012 him,846 because3754 he said,2036 I1473 am1510 the bread740 which came down2597 out of1537 heaven.3772 42 And2532 they said,3004 Is2076 not3756 this3778 Jesus,2424 the son5207 of Joseph,2501 whose3739 father3962 and2532 mother3384 we2249 know?1492 how4459 3767 doth3754 he3778 now say,3004 I am come down2597 out of1537 heaven?3772 43 Jesus2424 3767 answered611 and2532 said2036 unto them,846 Murmur1111 not3361 among3326 yourselves.240 44 No man3762 can1410 come2064 to4314 me,3165 except1437 3361 the Father3962 that sent3992 me3165 draw1670 him:846 and2532 I1473 will raise450 him846 up450 in the2250 last2078 day.2250 45 It is2076 written1125 in1722 the prophets,4396 And2532{Isa. 54:13; (Jer. 31:34?).} they shall all3956 be2071 taught1318 of God.2316 Every one3956 3767 that hath heard191 from3844 the Father,3962 and2532 hath learned,3129 cometh2064 unto4314 me.3165 46 Not3756 that3754 any man5100 hath seen3708 the Father,3962 save1487 3361 he that is5607 from3844 God,2316 he3778 hath seen3708 the Father.3962 47 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 He that believeth4100 1519 1691 hath2192 eternal166 life.2222 48 I1473 am1510 the bread740 of life.2222 49 Your5216 fathers3962 ate5315 the manna3131 in1722 the wilderness,2048 and2532 they died.599 50 This3778 is2076 the bread740 which cometh down2597 out of1537 heaven,3772 that2443 a man5100 may eat5315 thereof,1537 and2532 not3361 die.599 51 I1473 am1510 the740 living2198 bread740 which came down2597 out of1537 heaven:3772 if1437 any man5100 eat5315 of1537 this5127 bread,740 he shall live2198 for1519 ever:165 yea and2532 the bread740 1161 which3739 I1473 will give1325 is1473 my3450 flesh,4561 for5228 the life2222 of the world.2889

John 6:52 The Jews2453 therefore3767 strove3164 one4314 with another,240 saying,3004 How4459 can1410 this man3778 give1325 us2254 his flesh4561 to eat?5315 53 Jesus2424 therefore3767 said2036 unto them,846 Verily,281 verily,281 I say3004 unto you,5213 Except1437 3361 ye eat5315 the flesh4561 of the Son5207 of man444 and2532 drink4095 his846 blood,129 ye have2192 not3756 life2222 in1722 yourselves.1438 54 He that eateth5176 my3450 flesh4561 and2532 drinketh4095 my3450 blood129 hath2192 eternal166 life;2222 and2532 I1473 will raise450 him846 up450 at the2250 last2078 day.2250 55 For1063 my3450 flesh4561 is2076 meat1035{Greek true meat.} indeed,230 and2532 my3450 blood129 is2076 drink4213{Greek true drink.} indeed.230 56 He that eateth5176 my3450 flesh4561 and2532 drinketh4095 my3450 blood129 abideth3306 in1722 me,1698 and I2504 in1722 him.846 57 As2531 the3962 living2198 Father3962 sent649 me,3165 and I2504 live2198 because1223 of the Father;3962 so2532 he that eateth5176 me,3165 he2548 also shall live2198 because1223 of me.1691 58 This3778 is2076 the bread740 which came down2597 out of1537 heaven:3772 not3756 as2531 the5216 fathers3962 ate,5315 3131 and2532 died;599 he that eateth5176 740 this5126 bread740 shall live2198 for1519 ever.165 59 These things5023 said he2036 in1722 the{Or, a synagogue} synagogue,4864 as he taught1321 in1722 Capernaum.2584

John 6:60 Many4183 therefore3767 of1537 his846 disciples,3101 when they heard191 this,3778 said,2036 This3778 is2076 a hard4642 saying;3056 who5101 can1410 hear191 it?846{Or, him} 61 But1161 Jesus2424 knowing1492 in1722 himself1438 that3754 his846 disciples3101 murmured1111 at4012 this,5124 said2036 unto them,846 Doth4624 this5124 cause you5209 to stumble?4624 62 What then3767 if1437 ye should behold2334 the Son5207 of man444 ascending305 where3699 he was2258 before?4386 63 It is2076 the spirit4151 that giveth life;2227 the flesh4561 profiteth5623 nothing:3762 the words4487 that3739 I1473 have spoken2980 unto you5213 are2076 spirit,4151 and2532 are2076 life.2222 64 But235 there are1526 some5100 of1537 you5216 that3739 believe4100 not.3756 For1063 Jesus2424 knew1492 from1537 the beginning746 who5101 they were1526 that believed4100 not,3361 and2532 who5101 it was that should2076 betray3860{Or, deliver him up} him.846 65 And2532 he said,3004 For5124 this cause1223 have I5124 said unto you,5213 that3754 no man3762 can1410 come2064 unto4314 me,3165 except1437 3361 it be5600 given1325 unto him846 of1537 the3450 Father.3962

John 6:66 Upon1537 this5127 many4183 of3101 his846 disciples3101 went565 back,3694 and2532 walked4043 no more3765 with3326 him.846 67 Jesus2424 said2036 therefore3767 unto the twelve,1427 Would2309 ye5210 3361 also2532 go away?5217 68 3767 Simon4613 Peter4074 answered611 him,846 Lord,2962 to4314 whom5101 shall we go?565 thou hast2192{Or, hast words} the words4487 of2222 eternal166 life.2222 69 And2532 we2249 have believed4100 and2532 know1097 that3754 thou4771 art1488 the Holy5547 One5207 of2316 2198 God.2316 70 Jesus2424 answered611 them,846 Did1586 not3756 I1473 choose1586 you5209 the twelve,1427 and2532 one1520 of1537 you5216 is2076 a devil?1228 71 Now he spake3004 of Judas2455 the son of Simon4613 Iscariot,2469 for1063 he3778 it was that should3195 betray3860{Or, deliver him up} him,846 being5607 one1520 of1537 the twelve.1427

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