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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.1
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John 15:1 I1473 am1510 the true228 vine,288 and2532 my3450 Father3962 is2076 the husbandman.1092 2 Every3956 branch2814 in1722 me1698 that846 beareth5342 not3361 fruit2590 he taketh away:142 and2532 every3956 branch that beareth5342 fruit,2590 he purgeth2508 it,846 that2443 it may bring forth5342 more4119 fruit.2590 3 Now2235 ye5210 are2075 clean2513 through1223 the word3056 which3739 I have spoken2980 unto you.5213 4 Abide3306 in1722 me,1698 and I2504 in1722 you.5213 As2531 the branch2814 cannot3756 1410 bear5342 fruit2590 of575 itself,1438 except3362 it abide3306 in1722 the vine;288 no more3761 3779 can ye,5210 except3362 ye abide3306 in1722 me.1698 5 I1473 am1510 the vine,288 ye5210 are the branches:2814 He that abideth3306 in1722 me,1698 and I2504 in1722 him,846 the same3778 bringeth forth5342 much4183 fruit:2590 for3754 {Or, severed from me} without5565 me1700 ye can1410 do4160 nothing.3756 3762 6 If3362 2794 a man5100 abide3306 not3362 in1722 me,1698 he is cast906 forth1854 as5613 a branch,2814 and2532 is withered;3583 and2532 men gather4863 them,846 and2532 cast906 them into1519 the fire,4442 and2532 they are burned.2545 7 If1437 ye abide3306 in1722 me,1698 and2532 my3450 words4487 abide3306 in1722 you,5213 ye shall ask154 what3739 1437 ye will,2309 and2532 it shall be done1096 unto you.5213 8 Herein1722 5129 is1392 2794 my3450 Father3962 glorified,1392 that2443 ye bear5342 much4183 fruit;2590 so2532 shall ye be1096 my1699 disciples.3101 9 As2531 the Father3962 hath loved25 me,3165 so2504 2794 have25 2794 I2504 loved25 you:5209 continue ye3306 in1722 my1699 love.26 10 If1437 ye keep5083 my3450 commandments,1785 ye shall abide3306 in1722 my3450 love;26 even as2531 I1473 have kept5083 my3450 Father's3962 commandments,1785 and2532 abide3306 in1722 his846 love.26 11 These things5023 have I spoken2980 unto you,5213 that2443 my1699 joy5479 might remain3306 in1722 you,5213 and2532 that your5216 joy5479 might be full.4137 12 This3778 is2076 my1699 commandment,1785 That2443 ye love25 one another,240 as2531 I have loved25 you.5209 13 Greater3187 2794 love26 hath2192 no man3762 than3187 this,5026 that2443 a man5100 lay down5087 his846 life5590 for5228 his846 friends.5384 14 Ye5210 are2075 my3450 friends,5384 if1437 ye do4160 whatsoever3745 I1473 command1781 you.5213 15 Henceforth3765 2794 I call3004 you5209 not3765 servants;1401 for3754 the servant1401 knoweth1492 not3756 what5101 his846 lord2962 doeth:4160 but1161 I have called2046 you5209 friends;5384 for3754 all things3956 that3739 I have heard191 of3844 my3450 Father3962 I have made known1107 unto you.5213 16 Ye5210 have1586 2794 not3756 chosen1586 me,3165 but235 I1473 have chosen1586 you,5209 and2532 ordained5087 you,5209 that2443 ye5210 should go5217 and2532 bring forth5342 fruit,2590 and2532 that your5216 fruit2590 should remain:3306 that2443 whatsoever3739 302 3748 ye shall ask154 of the Father3962 in1722 my3450 name,3686 he may give it1325 you.5213 17 These things5023 I command1781 you,5213 that2443 ye love25 one another.240

John 15:18 If1487 the world2889 hate3404 you,5209 ye know1097 that3754 it hated3404 me1691 before4412 it hated you.5216 19 If1487 ye were2258 of1537 the world,2889 the world2889 would302 love5368 his own:2398 but1161 because3754 ye are2075 not3756 of1537 the world,2889 but235 I1473 have chosen1586 you5209 out of1537 the world,2889 therefore5124 1223 the world2889 hateth3404 you.5209 20 Remember3421 the word3056 that3739 I1473 said2036 unto you,5213 The servant1401 is2076 not3756 greater than3187 his846 lord.2962 If1487 they have persecuted1377 me,1691 they will1377 2794 also2532 persecute1377 you;5209 if1487 they have kept5083 my3450 saying,3056 they will keep5083 yours5212 also.2532 21 But235 all3956 these things5023 will they do4160 unto you5213 for1223 my3450 2794 name's3686 sake,3450 because3754 they know1492 not3756 him that sent3992 me.3165 22 If1508 2794 I had2064 2794 not1508 come2064 and2532 spoken2980 unto them,846 they had2192 2794 not3756 had2192 sin:266 but1161 now3568 they have2192 no3756 {Or, excuse} cloke4392 for4012 their846 sin.266 23 He that hateth3404 me1691 hateth3404 my3450 Father3962 also.2532 24 If1508 2794 I had4160 2794 not1508 done4160 among1722 them846 the works2041 which3739 none3762 other man243 did,4160 they had2192 2794 not3756 had2192 sin:266 but1161 now3568 have they3708 2794 both2532 seen3708 and2532 hated3404 both2532 me1691 and2532 my3450 Father.3962 25 But235 this cometh to pass, that2443 the word3056 might be fulfilled4137 that is written1125 in1722 their846 law,3551 3754 They hated3404 me3165 without a cause.1432

John 15:26 But1161 when3752 the Comforter3875 is come,2064 whom3739 I1473 will send3992 unto you5213 from3844 the Father,3962 even the Spirit4151 of truth,225 which3739 proceedeth1607 from3844 the Father,3962 he1565 shall testify3140 of4012 me:1700 27 And1161 ye5210 also2532 shall bear witness,3140 because3754 ye have been2075 with3326 me1700 from575 the beginning.746

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