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John 11:1 Now1161 a certain5100 man was2258 sick,770 Lazarus2976 of575 Bethany,963 of the village2968 of Mary3137 and2532 her846 sister79 Martha.1537 2 And it was2258 that Mary3137 who3588 anointed218 the Lord2962 with2359 ointment,3464 and2532 wiped1591 his846 feet4228 with2359 her846 hair,2359 whose3739 brother80 Lazarus2976 was sick.770 3 The sisters79 therefore3767 sent649 unto4314 him,846 saying,3004 Lord,2962 behold,1492 he whom3739 thou lovest5368 is sick.770 4 But when1161 Jesus2424 heard191 it, he said,2036 This3778 sickness769 is2076 not3756 unto4314 death,2288 but235 for5228 the glory1391 of God,2316 that2443 the Son5207 of God2316 may be glorified1392 thereby.846 5 Now1161 Jesus2424 loved25 Martha,3136 and2532 her846 sister,79 and2532 Lazarus.2976 6 When5613 therefore3767 he heard191 that3754 he was sick,770 he abode3306 at that3754 time3306 two1417 days2250 in1722 the place where5117 he was.3303 7 Then1899 after3326 this5124 he3004 saith to3101 the disciples,3101 Let us go71 into1519 Judaea2449 again.3825 8 The disciples3101 say3004 unto him,846 Rabbi,4461 the Jews2453 were but now3568 seeking2212 to stone3034 thee;4571 and2532 goest thou5217 thither1563 again?3825 9 Jesus2424 answered,611 Are there1526 not3780 twelve1427 hours5610 in the day?2250 If1437 a man5100 walk4043 in1722 the day,2250 he stumbleth4350 not,3756 because3754 he seeth991 the light5457 of2889 this5127 world.2889 10 But1161 if1437 a man5100 walk4043 in1722 the night,3571 he stumbleth,4350 because3754 the light5457 is2076 not3756 in1722 him.846 11 These things5023 spake he:2036 and2532 after3326 this5124 he saith3004 unto them,846 Our2257 friend5384 Lazarus2976 is fallen asleep;2837 but235 I go,4198 that2443 I may awake1852 him846 out of sleep.1852 12 The846 disciples3101 therefore3767 said2036 unto him, Lord,2962 if1487 he is fallen asleep,2837 he will recover.4982{Greek be saved.} 13 Now1161 Jesus2424 had spoken2046 of4012 his846 death:2288 but1161 they1565 thought1380 that3754 he spake3004 of4012 taking rest2838 in sleep.5258 14 Then5119 Jesus2424 therefore said2036 unto them846 plainly,3954 Lazarus2976 is dead.3767 15 And2532 I am glad5463 for1223 your sakes5209 that2443 I was2252 not3756 there,1563 to the intent3754 ye may believe;4100 nevertheless235 let us go71 unto4314 him.846 16 Thomas2381 therefore,3767 who is called3004 Didymus,1324{That is, Twin.} said2036 unto his fellow-disciples,4827 Let71 us2249 also2532 go,71 that2443 we may die599 with3326 him.846

John 11:17 So when3767 Jesus2424 came,2064 he846 found that2147 he had2192 been in1722 the tomb3419 four5064 days2250 already.2235 18 Now1161 Bethany963 was2258 nigh unto1451 Jerusalem,2414 about5613 fifteen1178 furlongs4712 off;575 19 and2532 many4183 of1537 the Jews2453 had come2064 to4012 Martha3136 and2532 Mary,3137 to2443 console3888 them846 concerning4012 their846 brother.4314 20 Martha3136 therefore,3767 when5613 she heard191 that3754 Jesus2424 was coming,2064 went and met5221 him:846 but1161 Mary3137 still sat2516 in1722 the house.3624 21 Martha3136 therefore3767 said2036 unto4314 Jesus,2424 Lord,2962 if1487 thou hadst been2258 here,5602 my3450 brother80 had2348 not3756 died.302 22 And235 even now3568 I know1492 that,3754 whatsoever3745 thou shalt ask154 of God,2316 God2316 will give1325 thee.302 23 Jesus2424 saith3004 unto her,846 Thy4675 brother80 shall rise again.450 24 Martha3136 saith3004 unto him,846 I know1492 that3754 he shall rise again450 in1722 the resurrection386 at1722 the last2078 day.2250 25 Jesus2424 said2036 unto her,846 I1473 am1510 the resurrection,386 and2532 the life:2222 he that believeth4100 on1519 me,1691 though2579 he die,599 yet2579 shall he live;2198 26 and2532 whosoever3956 liveth2198 and2532 believeth4100 on1519 me1691 shall599 never3756 die.599 Believest thou4100 this?165 27 She saith3004 unto him,846 Yea,3483 Lord:2962 I1473 have believed4100 that3754 thou4771 art1488 the Christ,5547 the Son5207 of God,2316 even he that cometh2064 into1519 the world.2889 28 And2532 when she had2036 said2036 this,5023 she went away,565 and2532 called5455 Mary3137 her846{Or, her sister, saying secretly} sister79 secretly,2977 saying,2036 The Teacher1320 is here,3918 and2532 calleth5455 thee.4571 29 And she, when5613 she1565 heard191 it, arose1453 quickly,5035 and2532 went2064 unto4314 him.846 30 (Now1161 Jesus2424 was2064 not yet3768 come2064 into1519 the village,2968 but235 was2258 still in1722 the place5117 where3699 Martha3136 met5221 him.)846 31 The Jews2453 then3767 who were5607 with3326 her846 in1722 the house,3614 and2532 were5607 consoling3888 her,846 when they saw1492 Mary,3137 that3754 she rose up450 quickly and2532 went out,1831 followed190 her,846 supposing3004 that she was going5217 unto1519 the tomb3419 to2443 weep2799{Greek wail.} there.3754 32 Mary3137 therefore,3767 when5613 she came2064 where3699 Jesus2424 was,2258 and saw1492 him,846 fell down4098 at1519 his846 feet,4228 saying3004 unto him,846 Lord,2962 if1487 thou hadst been2258 here,5602 my3450 brother80 had599 not3756 died.302 33 When5613 Jesus2424 therefore3767 saw1492 her846 weeping,2799{Greek wailing.} and2532 the Jews2453 also4905 weeping2799{Greek wailing.} who came4905 with her,846 he1438 groaned1690{Or, was moved with indignation in the spirit} in the spirit,4151 and2532 was{Greek troubled himself.} troubled,5015 34 and2532 said,2036 Where4226 have ye laid5087 him?846 They say3004 unto him,846 Lord,2962 come2064 and2532 see.1492 35 Jesus2424 wept.1145 36 The Jews2453 therefore3767 said,3004 Behold1492 how4459 he loved5368 him!846 37 But1161 some5100 of1537 them846 said,2036 Could1410 not3756 this man,3778 who opened455 the eyes3788 of him that2443 was blind,5185 have caused4160 that2443 this man3778 also should599 not3361 die?599 38 Jesus2424 therefore3767 again3825 groaning1690{Or, being moved with indignation in himself} in1722 himself1438 cometh2064 to1519 the tomb.3419 Now it was2258 a cave,4693 and2532 a stone3037 lay1945 against1909{Or, upon} it.1161 39 Jesus2424 saith,3004 Take ye away142 the stone.3037 Martha,3136 the sister79 of him that was dead,2348 saith3004 unto him,846 Lord,2962 by this time2235 the{Greek he stinketh.} body decayeth;3605 for1063 he hath been2076 dead four days.5066 40 Jesus2424 saith3004 unto her,846 Said I2036 not3756 unto thee,4671 that,3754 if1437 thou believedst,4100 thou shouldest see3700 the glory1391 of God?2316 41 So3767 they took away142 the stone.3037 And2532 Jesus2424 lifted142 up507 his eyes,3788 and1161 said,2036 Father,3962 I thank2168 thee4671 that3754 thou heardest191 me.3450 42 And1161 I1473 knew1492 that3754 thou hearest191 me3450 always:3842 but235 because of1223 the multitude3793 that standeth around4026 I said2036 it, that2443 they may believe4100 that3754 thou4771 didst send649 me.3165 43 And2532 when he2036 had thus5023 spoken,2036 he cried2905 with a5456 loud3173 voice,5456 Lazarus,2976 come1204 forth.1854 44 He2532 that was dead2348 came forth,1831 bound1210 hand5495 and2532 foot4228 with1210 grave-clothes;2750{Or, grave-bands} and2532 his846 face3799 was bound about with4019 a napkin.4676 Jesus2424 saith3004 unto them,846 Loose3089 him,846 and2532 let him863 go.5217

John 11:45 Many4183 therefore3767 of1537 the Jews,2453 who came2064 to4314 Mary3137 and2532 beheld2300 that{Many ancient authorities read the things which he did.} which3739 he2424 did,4160 believed4100 on1519 him.846 46 But1161 some5100 of1537 them846 went away565 to4314 the Pharisees,5330 and2532 told2036 them846 the things3739 which Jesus2424 had done.4160

John 11:47 The chief priests749 therefore3767 and2532 the Pharisees5330 gathered4863 a council,4892 and2532 said,3004 What5101 do we?4160 for3754 this3778 man444 doeth4160 many4183 signs.4592 48 If1437 we let863 him846 thus alone,3779 all3956 men will believe4100 on1519 him:846 and2532 the Romans4514 will come2064 and2532 take away142 both2532 our2257 place5117 and2532 our nation.1484 49 But1161 a certain one1520 of1537 them,846 Caiaphas,2533 being5607 high priest749 that1565 year,1763 said2036 unto them,846 Ye5210 know1492 nothing3756 at all,5100 50 nor3761 do ye take account1260 that3754 it is expedient4851 for you2254 that2443 one1520 man444 should die599 for5228 the people,2992 and2532 that2443 the whole3650 nation1484 perish622 not.3361 51 Now1161 this5124 he2036 said not3756 of575 himself:1438 but235 being5607 high priest749 that1565 year,1763 he prophesied4395 that3754 Jesus2424 should3195 die599 for5228 the nation;1484 52 and2532 not3756 for5228 the nation1484 only,3440 but235 that2443 he might also2532 gather together4863 into1519 one1520 the children5043 of God2316 that are scattered abroad.1287 53 So3767 from575 that1565 day2250 forth575 they took counsel4823 that2443 they might put615 him846 to death.615

John 11:54 Jesus2424 therefore3767 walked4043 no3756 more2089 openly3954 among1722 the Jews,2453 but235 departed565 thence1564 into1519 the country5561 near to1451 the wilderness,2048 into1519 a city4172 called3004 Ephraim;2187 and there2546 he tarried1304 with3326 the846 disciples.3101 55 Now1161 the passover3957 of the Jews2453 was2258 at hand:1451 and2532 many4183 went305 up to1519 Jerusalem2414 out of1537 the country5561 before4253 the passover,3957 to2443 purify48 themselves.1438 56 They2212 sought therefore3767 for Jesus,2424 and2532 spake3004 one with3326 another,240 as they stood2476 in1722 the temple,2411 What5101 think1380 ye?5213 That3754 he will2064 not3756 come2064 to1519 the feast?3361 57 Now1161 the2532 chief priests749 and2532 the Pharisees5330 had given1325 commandment,1785 that,2443 if1437 any man5100 knew1097 where4226 he was,4226 he should show3377 it, that3704 they might take4084 him.846

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