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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1 ¶ I1473 therefore,3767 the prisoner1198 {Or, in the Lord} of1722 the Lord,2962 beseech3870 you5209 that ye walk4043 worthy516 of the vocation2821 wherewith3739 ye are called,2564 2 With3326 all3956 lowliness5012 and2532 meekness,4236 with3326 longsuffering,3115 forbearing430 one another240 in1722 love;26 3 Endeavouring4704 to keep5083 the unity1775 of the Spirit4151 in1722 the bond4886 of peace.1515 4 There is one1520 body,4983 and2532 one1520 Spirit,4151 even as2531 2532 ye are called2564 in1722 one3391 hope1680 of your5216 calling;2821 5 One1520 Lord,2962 one1520 faith,4102 one3391 baptism,908 6 One1520 God2316 and2532 Father3962 of all,3956 who3588 is above1909 all,3956 and2532 through1223 all,3956 and2532 in1722 you5213 all.3956 7 ¶ But1161 unto every1538 one1520 of us2257 is given1325 grace5485 according to2596 the measure3358 of the gift1431 of Christ.5547 8 Wherefore1352 he saith,3004 When he ascended305 up1519 on high,5311 he led {Or, a multitude of captives} captivity162 captive,161 and2532 gave1325 gifts1390 unto men.444 9 (Now1161 that he ascended,305 what5101 is it2076 but1508 that3754 he2597 2794 also2532 descended2597 first4412 into1519 the lower2737 parts3313 of the earth?1093 10 He846 that descended2597 is2076 the same also2532 that ascended up305 far above5231 all3956 heavens,3772 that2443 he might {Or, fulfill} fill4137 all things.)3956 11 ¶ And2532 he846 gave1325 some,3303 apostles;652 and1161 some, prophets;4396 and1161 some, evangelists;2099 and1161 some, pastors4166 and2532 teachers;1320 12 For4314 the perfecting2677 of the saints,40 for1519 the work2041 of the ministry,1248 for1519 the edifying3619 of the body4983 of Christ:5547 13 Till3360 we all3956 come2658 {Or, into the unity} in1519 the unity1775 of the faith,4102 and2532 of the knowledge1922 of the Son5207 of God,2316 unto1519 a perfect5046 man,435 unto1519 the measure3358 of the {Or, age} stature2244 of the fulness4138 of Christ:5547 14 That2443 we henceforth be5600 no more3371 children,3516 tossed to and fro,2831 and2532 carried about with4064 every3956 wind417 of doctrine,1319 by1722 the sleight2940 of men,444 and cunning craftiness,1722 3834 whereby4314 they lie in wait3180 to deceive;4106 15 But1161 {Or, being sincere} speaking the truth226 in1722 love,26 may grow up837 into1519 him846 in all things,3956 which3739 is2076 the head,2776 even Christ:5547 16 From1537 whom3739 the whole3956 body4983 fitly joined together4883 and2532 compacted4822 by1223 that which every3956 joint860 supplieth,2024 according2596 to the effectual working1753 in1722 the measure3358 of every1538 part,1520 3313 maketh4160 increase838 of the body4983 unto1519 the edifying3619 of itself1438 in1722 love.26 17 ¶ This5124 I say3004 therefore,3767 and2532 testify3143 in1722 the Lord,2962 that ye5209 henceforth3371 2794 walk4043 not3371 as2531 2532 other3062 Gentiles1484 walk,4043 in1722 the vanity3153 of their846 mind,3563 18 Having the understanding1271 darkened,4654 being5607 alienated526 from the life2222 of God2316 through1223 the ignorance52 that is5607 in1722 them,846 because1223 of the {Or, hardness} blindness4457 of their846 heart:2588 19 Who3748 being past feeling524 have given3860 2794 themselves1438 over3860 unto lasciviousness,766 to1519 work2039 all3956 uncleanness167 with1722 greediness.4124 20 But1161 ye5210 have3129 2794 not3756 so3779 learned3129 Christ;5547 21 If so be that1489 ye have heard191 him,846 and2532 have been taught1321 by1722 him,846 as2531 the truth225 is2076 in1722 Jesus:2424 22 That ye5209 put off659 concerning2596 the former4387 conversation391 the old3820 man,444 which3588 is corrupt5351 according2596 to the deceitful539 lusts;1939 23 And1161 be renewed365 in the spirit4151 of your5216 mind;3563 24 And2532 that ye put on1746 the new2537 man,444 which3588 after2596 God2316 is created2936 in1722 righteousness1343 and2532 {Or, holiness of truth} true225 holiness.3742 25 ¶ Wherefore1352 putting away659 lying,5579 speak2980 every man1538 truth225 with3326 his846 neighbour:4139 for3754 we are2070 members3196 one of another.240 26 Be ye angry,3710 and2532 sin264 not:3361 let1931 2794 not3361 the sun2246 go down1931 upon1909 your5216 wrath:3950 27 Neither3383 give1325 place5117 to the devil.1228 28 Let2813 2794 him that stole2813 steal2813 no more:3371 but1161 rather3123 let him labour,2872 working2038 with his hands5495 the thing which is good,18 that2443 he may have2192 {Or, to distribute} to give3330 to him that needeth.5532 2192 29 ¶ Let4550 2794 no3361 3956 corrupt4550 communication3056 proceed1607 out of1537 your5216 mouth,4750 but235 that which1536 is good18 to4314 the use5532 of edifying,3619 that2443 it may minister1325 grace5485 unto the hearers.191 30 And2532 grieve3076 not3361 the holy40 Spirit4151 of God,2316 whereby1722 3739 ye are sealed4972 unto1519 the day2250 of redemption.629 31 Let142 2794 all3956 bitterness,4088 and2532 wrath,2372 and2532 anger,3709 and2532 clamour,2906 and2532 evil speaking,988 be put away142 from575 you,5216 with4862 all3956 malice:2549 32 And1161 be1096 ye kind5543 one to another,1519 240 tenderhearted,2155 forgiving5483 one another,1438 even as2531 2532 God2316 for1722 2794 Christ's5547 sake1722 hath forgiven5483 you.5213

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