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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
1 ¶ And in the second8147 year8141 of the reign4438 of Nebuchadnezzar5019 Nebuchadnezzar5019 dreamed2492 dreams,2472 wherewith his spirit7307 was troubled,6470 and his sleep8142 brake1961 from him. 2 Then the king4428 commanded559 to call7121 the magicians,2748 and the astrologers,825 and the sorcerers,3784 and the Chaldeans,3778 for to shew5046 the king4428 his dreams.2472 So they came935 and stood5975 before6440 the king.4428 3 And the king4428 said559 unto them, I have dreamed2492 a dream,2472 and my spirit7307 was troubled6470 to know3045 the dream.2472 4 Then spake1696 the Chaldeans3778 to the king4428 in Syriack,762 O king,4430 live2418 for ever:5957 tell560 thy servants5649 the dream,2493 and we will shew2324 the interpretation.6591 5 The king4430 answered6032 and said560 to the Chaldeans,3779 The thing4406 is gone230 from me:4481 if2006 ye will not3809 make known3046 unto me the dream,2493 with the interpretation6591 thereof, ye shall be {Cald. made pieces} cut5648 in pieces,1917 and your houses1005 shall be made7761 a dunghill.5122 6 But if2006 ye shew2324 the dream,2493 and the interpretation6591 thereof, ye shall receive6902 of4481 me6925 gifts4978 and {Or, Fee} rewards5023 and great7690 honour:3367 therefore3861 shew2324 me the dream,2493 and the interpretation6591 thereof. 7 They answered6032 again8579 and said,560 Let the king4430 tell560 his servants5649 the dream,2493 and we will shew2324 the interpretation6591 of it. 8 The king4430 answered6032 and said,560 I576 know3046 of4481 certainty3330 that ye608 would {Cald. buy} gain2084 the time,5732 because6903 3606 ye see2370 the thing4406 is gone230 from4481 me. 9 But if2006 ye will not3809 make known3046 unto me the dream,2493 there is but one1932 2298 decree1882 for you: for ye have prepared2164 lying3538 and corrupt7844 words4406 to speak560 before6925 me, till5705 the time5732 be changed:8133 therefore3861 tell560 me the dream,2493 and I shall know3046 that1768 ye can shew2324 me the interpretation6591 thereof. 10 ¶ The Chaldeans3779 answered6032 before6925 the king,4430 and said,560 There is383 not3809 a man606 upon5922 the earth3007 that can3202 shew2324 the king's4430 matter:4406 therefore6903 1768 there is no3809 king,4430 lord,7229 nor ruler,7990 that asked7593 such1836 things4406 at any3606 magician,2749 or astrologer,826 or Chaldean.3779 11 And it is a rare3358 thing4406 that the king4430 requireth,7593 and there is383 none3809 other321 that can shew2324 it before6925 the king,4430 except3861 the gods,426 whose dwelling4070 is383 not3809 with5974 flesh.1321 12 For6903 this1836 cause3606 the king4430 was angry1149 and very7690 furious,7108 and commanded560 to destroy7 all3606 the wise2445 men of Babylon.895 13 And the decree1882 went forth5312 that the wise2445 men should be slain;6992 and they sought1156 Daniel1841 and his fellows2269 to be slain.6992 14 ¶ Then116 Daniel1841 {Cald. returned} answered8421 with counsel5843 and wisdom2942 to Arioch746 the {Or, chief marshall. Cald. chief of the executioners or slaughtermen} captain7229 of1768 the king's4430 guard,2877 which was gone forth5312 to slay6992 the wise2445 men of Babylon:895 15 He answered6032 and said560 to Arioch746 the king's4430 captain,7990 Why4101 5922 is the decree1882 so hasty2685 from4481 6925 the king?4430 Then116 Arioch746 made the thing4406 known3046 to Daniel.1841 16 Then Daniel1841 went in,5954 and desired1156 of4481 the king4430 that he would give5415 him time,2166 and that he would shew2324 the king4430 the interpretation.6591 17 Then116 Daniel1841 went236 to his house,1005 and made the thing4406 known3046 to Hananiah,2608 Mishael,4333 and Azariah,5839 his companions:2269 18 That they would desire1156 mercies7359 {Cald. from before God} of4481 6925 the God426 of heaven8065 concerning5922 this1836 secret;7328 that Daniel1841 and his fellows2269 {Or, that they should not destroy Daniel, etc.} should not3809 perish7 with5974 the rest7606 of the wise2445 men of Babylon.895 19 ¶ Then116 was the secret7328 revealed1541 unto Daniel1841 in a night3916 vision.2376 Then116 Daniel1841 blessed1289 the God426 of heaven.8065 20 Daniel1841 answered6032 and said,560 Blessed1289 be1934 the name8036 of God426 for4481 ever5957 and ever:5705 5957 for wisdom2452 and might1370 are1932 his: 21 And he changeth8133 the times5732 and the seasons:2166 he removeth5709 kings,4430 and setteth up6966 kings:4430 he giveth3052 wisdom2452 unto the wise,2445 and knowledge4486 to them that know3046 understanding:999 22 He revealeth1541 the deep5994 and secret things:5642 he knoweth3046 what4101 is in the darkness,2816 and the light5094 dwelleth8271 with him.5974 23 I576 thank3029 thee, and praise7624 thee, O thou God426 of my fathers,2 who hast given3052 me wisdom2452 and might,1370 and hast made known3046 unto me now3705 what we desired1156 of thee:4481 for thou hast now made known3046 unto us the king's4430 matter.4406 24 ¶ Therefore3606 6903 1836 Daniel1841 went in5954 unto5922 Arioch,746 whom the king4430 had ordained4483 to destroy7 the wise2445 men of Babylon:895 he went236 and said560 thus3652 unto him; Destroy7 not409 the wise2445 men of Babylon:895 bring me in5954 before6925 the king,4430 and I will shew2324 unto the king4430 the interpretation.6591 25 Then116 Arioch746 brought in5954 Daniel1841 before6925 the king4430 in haste,927 and said560 thus3652 unto him, {Cald. that I have found} I have found7912 a man1400 of the captives1123 1547 of4481 Judah,3061 that will make known3046 unto the king4430 the interpretation.6591 26 The king4430 answered6032 and said560 to Daniel,1841 whose name8036 was Belteshazzar,1096 Art383 thou able3546 to make known3046 unto me the dream2493 which I have seen,2370 and the interpretation6591 thereof? 27 Daniel1841 answered6032 in the presence6925 of the king,4430 and said,560 The secret7328 which the king4430 hath demanded7593 cannot3202 3809 the wise2445 men, the astrologers,826 the magicians,2749 the soothsayers,1505 shew2324 unto the king;4430 28 But1297 there is383 a God426 in heaven8065 that revealeth1541 secrets,7328 and {Cald. hath made known} maketh known3046 to the king4430 Nebuchadnezzar5020 what4101 shall be1934 in the latter320 days.3118 Thy dream,2493 and the visions2376 of thy head7217 upon5922 thy bed,4903 are these;1836 29 As for thee,607 O king,4430 thy thoughts7476 {Cald. came up} came5559 into thy mind upon5922 thy bed,4903 what4101 should come to pass1934 hereafter:311 1836 and he that revealeth1541 secrets7328 maketh known3046 to thee what4101 shall come to pass.1934 30 But as for me,576 this1836 secret7328 is not3809 revealed1541 to me for any wisdom2452 that I have383 more than4481 any3606 living,2417 but3861 for their sakes1701 that5922 shall make known3046 the interpretation6591 to the king,4430 and that thou mightest know3046 the thoughts7476 of thy heart.3825 31 ¶ Thou,607 O king,4430 {Cald. wast seeing} sawest,1934 2370 and behold431 a great2298 7690 image.6755 This1797 great7229 image,6755 whose brightness2122 was excellent,3493 stood6966 before6903 thee; and the form7299 thereof was terrible.1763 32 This image's6755 head7217 was of fine2869 gold,1722 his breast2306 and his arms1872 of silver,3702 his belly4577 and his {Or, sides} thighs3410 of brass,5174 33 His legs8243 of iron,6523 his feet7271 part4481 of iron6523 and part4481 of clay.2635 34 Thou sawest2370 1934 till5705 that a stone69 was cut out1505 {Or, which was not in hands. As verse 45} without3809 hands,3028 which smote4223 the image6755 upon5922 his feet7271 that were of iron6523 and clay,2635 and brake1855 2794 them1994 to pieces.1855 35 Then116 was the iron,6523 the clay,2635 the brass,5174 the silver,3702 and the gold,1722 broken to pieces1855 1751 together,2298 and became1934 like the chaff5784 of4481 the summer7007 threshingfloors;147 and the wind7308 carried5376 2794 them1994 away,5376 that3606 no3809 place870 was found7912 for them: and the stone69 that smote4223 the image6755 became1934 a great7229 mountain,2906 and filled4391 the whole3606 earth.772 36 ¶ This1836 is the dream;2493 and we will tell560 the interpretation6591 thereof before6925 the king.4430 37 Thou,607 O king,4430 art a king4430 of kings:4430 for the God426 of heaven8065 hath given3052 thee a kingdom,4437 power,2632 and strength,8632 and glory.3367 38 And wheresoever3606 the children1123 of men606 dwell,1753 the beasts2423 of the field1251 and the fowls5776 of the heaven8065 hath he given3052 into thine hand,3028 and hath made thee ruler7981 over them all.3606 Thou607 art this head7217 of gold.1722 39 And after870 thee shall arise6966 another317 kingdom4437 inferior772 to thee,4481 and another317 third8523 kingdom4437 of brass,5174 which shall bear rule7981 over all3606 the earth.772 40 And the fourth7244 kingdom4437 shall be1934 strong8624 as iron:6523 forasmuch as iron6523 breaketh in pieces1855 and subdueth2827 all3606 things: and as6903 iron6523 that breaketh7490 all3606 these,459 shall it break in pieces1855 and bruise.7490 41 And whereas thou sawest2370 the feet7271 and toes,677 part4481 of potters'6353 clay,2635 and part4481 of iron,6523 the kingdom4437 shall be1934 divided;6386 but4481 2794 there shall be1934 in it of4481 the strength5326 of the iron,6523 forasmuch as3606 6903 thou sawest2370 the iron6523 mixed6151 with miry2917 clay.2635 42 And as the toes677 of the feet7271 were part4481 of iron,6523 and part4481 of clay,2635 so the kingdom4437 shall be1934 partly4481 7118 strong,8624 and partly4481 7118 {Or, brittle} broken.8406 43 And whereas1768 thou sawest2370 iron6523 mixed6151 with miry2917 clay,2635 they shall mingle themselves1934 6151 with the seed2234 of men:606 but they shall1934 not3809 cleave1693 {Cald. this with this} one1836 to5974 another,1836 even1888 as iron6523 is not3809 mixed6151 with clay.2635 44 And in {Cald. their days} the days3118 of these581 kings4430 shall the God426 of heaven8065 set up6966 a kingdom,4437 which shall never5957 3809 be destroyed:2255 and {Cald. kingdom thereof} the kingdom4437 shall not3809 be left7662 to other321 people,5972 but it shall break in pieces1855 and consume5487 all3606 these459 kingdoms,4437 and it1932 shall stand6966 for ever.5957 45 Forasmuch as3606 6903 thou sawest2370 that the stone69 was cut out1505 of the mountain2906 {Or, which was not in hand} without3809 hands,3028 and that it brake in pieces1855 the iron,6523 the brass,5174 the clay,2635 the silver,3702 and the gold;1722 the great7229 God426 hath made known3046 to the king4430 what4101 shall come to pass1934 {Cald. after this} hereafter:311 1836 and the dream2493 is certain,3330 and the interpretation6591 thereof sure.540 46 ¶ Then116 the king4430 Nebuchadnezzar5020 fell5308 upon5922 his face,600 and worshipped5457 Daniel,1841 and commanded560 that they should offer5260 an oblation4504 and sweet odours5208 unto him. 47 The king4430 answered6032 unto Daniel,1841 and said,560 Of4481 a truth7187 it is, that1768 your God426 is a God426 of gods,426 and a Lord4756 of kings,4430 and a revealer1541 of secrets,7328 seeing thou couldest3202 reveal1541 this1836 secret.7328 48 Then116 the king4430 made7236 2794 Daniel1841 a great man,7236 and gave3052 him many7690 great7260 gifts,4978 and made him ruler7981 over5922 the whole3606 province4083 of Babylon,895 and chief7229 of the governors5460 over5922 all3606 the wise2445 men of Babylon.895 49 Then Daniel1841 requested1156 of4481 the king,4430 and he set4483 Shadrach,7715 Meshach,4336 and Abednego,5665 over5922 the affairs5673 of the province4083 of Babylon:895 but Daniel1841 sat in the gate8651 of the king.4430

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