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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
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Colossians 3:1 If1487 then3767 ye4891 were raised4891 together with Christ,5547 seek2212 the things that are3588 above,507 where3757 Christ5547 is, seated2521 on1722 the right hand1188 of God.2316 2 Set your mind5426 on the things3588 that are above,507 not3361 on the things3588 that are upon1909 the earth.1093 3 For1063 ye died,599 and2532 your5216 life2222 is hid2928 with4862 Christ5547 in1722 God.2316 4 When3752 Christ,5547 who is our2257{Many ancient authorities read your.} life,2222 shall be manifested,5319 then5119 shall5319 ye5210 also2532 with4862 him846 be manifested5319 in1722 glory.1391

Colossians 3:5 Put to death3499 therefore3767 your5216 members3196 which3588 are upon1909 the earth:1093 fornication,4202 uncleanness,167 passion,3806 evil2556 desire,1939 and2532 covetousness,4124 which3748 is2076 idolatry;1495 6 for1223 which things'3739 sake1223 cometh2064 the wrath3709 of God2316 upon1909{Some ancient authorities omit upon the sons of disobedience. See Eph. 5:6.} the sons5207 of disobedience:543 7 wherein3739 1722{Or, amongst whom} ye5210 also2532 once4218 walked,4043 when3753 ye lived2198 in1722 these things;846 8 but1161 now3570 do ye5210 also2532 put them3956 all away:659 anger,3709 wrath,2372 malice,2549 railing,988 shameful speaking148 out of1537 your5216 mouth:4750 9 lie5574 not3361 one240 to1519 another;240 seeing that ye have put off554 the old3820 man444 with4862 his846 doings,4234 10 and2532 have put on1746 the new3501 man, that is being renewed341 unto1519 knowledge1922 after2596 the image1504 of him846 that created2936 him:846 11 where3699 there cannot3756 be1762 Greek1672 and2532 Jew,2453 circumcision4061 and2532 uncircumcision,203 barbarian,915 Scythian,4658 bondman,1401 freeman;1658 but235 Christ5547 is all,3956 and2532 in1722 all.3956

Colossians 3:12 Put on1746 therefore,3767 as5613 God's2316 elect,1588 holy40 and2532 beloved,25 a heart4698 of compassion,3628 kindness,5544 lowliness,5012 meekness,4236 longsuffering;3115 13 forbearing430 one another,240 and2532 forgiving5483 each other,1438 if1437 any man5100 have2192 a complaint3437 against4314 any;5100 even2532 as2531 the{Many ancient authorities read Christ.} Lord5547 forgave5483 you,5213 so3779 also2532 do ye:5210 14 and1161 above1909 all3956 these things5125 put on love,26 which3748 is2076 the bond4886 of perfectness.5047 15 And2532 let1018 the peace1515 of Christ2316 rule1018{Greek arbitrate.} in1722 your5216 hearts,2588 to1519 the which3739 also2532 ye were called2564 in1722 one1520 body;4983 and2532 be ye1096 thankful.2170 16 Let1774 the word3056 of Christ5547{Some ancient authorities read the Lord; others God} dwell1774 in1722 you5213 richly;4146{Or, richly in all wisdom; teaching etc.} in1722 all3956 wisdom4678 teaching1321 and2532 admonishing3560 one{Or, yourselves} another1438 with psalms5568 and2532 hymns5215 and2532 spiritual4152 songs,5603 singing103 with1722 grace5485 in1722 your5216 hearts2588 unto God.2962 17 And2532 3748 whatsoever3956 ye do,302 4160 in1722 word3056 or2228 in1722 deed,2041 do all3956 in1722 the name3686 of the Lord2962 Jesus,2424 giving thanks2168 to God2316 the2532 Father3962 through1223 him.846

Colossians 3:18 Wives,1135 be in subjection5293 to your2398 husbands,435 as5613 is fitting433 in1722 the Lord.2962 19 Husbands,435 love25 your wives,1135 and2532 be4087 not3361 bitter4087 against4314 them.846 20 Children,5043 obey5219 your parents1118 in2596 all things,3956 for1063 this5124 is2076 well-pleasing2101 in the Lord.2962 21 Fathers,3962 provoke2042 not3361 your5216 children,5043 that3361 they be not discouraged.120 22 Servants,1401{Greek Bondservants.} obey5219 in2596 all things3956 them that are your masters2962{Greek lords.} according to2596 the flesh;4561 not3361 with1722 eye-service,3787 as5613 men-pleasers,441 but235 in1722 singleness572 of heart,2588 fearing5399 the Lord: 23 2532 whatsoever3956 3748 1437 ye do,4160 work2038 heartily,1537 5590{Greek from the soul.} as5613 unto the Lord,2962 and2532 not3756 unto men;444 24 knowing1492 that3754 from575 the Lord2962 ye shall receive618 the recompense469 of the inheritance:2817 1063 ye serve1398 the Lord2962 Christ.5547 25 For1161 he that doeth wrong91 shall receive{Greek receive again the wrong.} again for the wrong2865 that3739 he hath done:91 and2532 there is2076 no3756 respect of persons.4382

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