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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 2.0
    2 Corinthians
1 ¶ But1161 I determined2919 this5124 with myself,1683 that I would2064 2794 not3361 come2064 again3825 to4314 you5209 in1722 heaviness.3077 2 For1063 if1487 I1473 make3076 2794 you5209 sorry,3076 who5101 is he2076 then2532 that maketh2165 2794 me3165 glad,2165 but1508 the same which is made sorry3076 by1537 me?1700 3 And2532 I wrote1125 this5124 same846 unto you,5213 lest,3363 when I came,2064 I should have2192 sorrow3077 from575 them of whom3739 I3165 ought1163 to rejoice;5463 having confidence3982 in1909 you5209 all,3956 that3754 my1699 joy5479 is2076 the joy of you5216 all.3956 4 For1063 out of1537 much4183 affliction2347 and2532 anguish4928 of heart2588 I wrote1125 unto you5213 with1223 many4183 tears;1144 not3756 that2443 ye should be grieved,3076 but235 that2443 ye might know1097 the love26 which3739 I have2192 more abundantly4056 unto1519 you.5209 5 But1161 if any1536 have caused grief,3076 he hath3076 2794 not3756 grieved3076 me,1691 but235 in575 part:3313 that3363 2794 I may1912 2794 not3363 overcharge1912 you5209 all.3956 6 ¶ Sufficient2425 to such a man5108 is this3778 {Or, censure} punishment,2009 which3588 was inflicted of5259 many.4119 7 So5620 that contrariwise5121 ye5209 ought rather3123 to forgive5483 him, and2532 comfort3870 him, lest3381 perhaps4458 such a one5108 should be swallowed up2666 with overmuch4055 sorrow.3077 8 Wherefore1352 I beseech3870 you5209 that ye would confirm2964 your love26 toward1519 him.846 9 For1063 to1519 this end5124 also2532 did I write,1125 that2443 I might know1097 the proof1382 of you,5216 whether1487 ye be2075 obedient5255 in1519 all things.3956 10 ¶ To1161 whom3739 ye forgive5483 any thing,5100 I1473 forgive also:2532 for2532 1063 if I1473 forgave5483 any thing,1536 to whom3739 I forgave5483 it, for your sakes1223 5209 forgave I it in1722 {Or, in the sight} the person4383 of Christ;5547 11 Lest3363 Satan5259 4567 should get an advantage of us:4122 for1063 we are not3756 ignorant50 of his846 devices.3540 12 ¶ Furthermore,1161 when I came2064 to1519 Troas5174 to1519 preach Christ's5547 gospel,2098 and2532 a door2374 was opened455 unto me3427 of1722 the Lord,2962 13 I had2192 no3756 rest425 in my3450 spirit,4151 because I3165 found2147 not3361 Titus5103 my3450 brother:80 but235 taking my leave657 of them,846 I went from thence1831 into1519 Macedonia.3109 14 ¶ Now1161 thanks5485 be unto God,2316 which always3842 causeth2358 2794 us2248 to triumph2358 in1722 Christ,5547 and2532 maketh manifest5319 the savour3744 of his846 knowledge1108 by1223 us2257 in1722 every3956 place.5117 15 For3754 we are2070 unto God2316 a sweet savour2175 of Christ,5547 in1722 them that are saved,4982 and2532 in1722 them that perish:622 16 To3739 the one3303 we are the savour3744 of death2288 unto1519 death;2288 and1161 to the other3739 the savour3744 of life2222 unto1519 life.2222 And2532 who5101 is sufficient2425 for4314 these things?5023 17 For1063 we are2070 not3756 as5613 many,4183 which {Or, deal deceitfully with} corrupt2585 the word3056 of God:2316 but235 as5613 of1537 sincerity,1505 but235 as5613 of1537 God,2316 in the sight2714 of God2316 speak we2980 in1722 Christ.5547

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