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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
    1 Thessalonians
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1 Thessalonians 4:1 Finally3063 then,3767 brethren,80 we beseech2065 and2532 exhort3870 you5209 in1722 the Lord2962 Jesus,2424 that, as2531 ye received3880 of3844 us2257 how4459 ye5209 ought1163 to walk4043 and2532 to please700 God,2316 even as2443 ye do walk,—that ye abound4052 more and more.3123 2 For1063 ye know1492 what5101 charge3852{Greek charges.} we gave1325 you5213 through1223 the Lord2962 Jesus.2424 3 For1063 this5124 is2076 the will2307 of God,2316 even your5216 sanctification,38 that567 ye5209 abstain567 from575 fornication;4202 4 that1492 each one1538 of you5216 know how1492 to possess2932 himself of his1438 own vessel4632 in1722 sanctification38 and2532 honor,5092 5 not3361 in1722 the passion1939 of lust,3806 even2532 as2509 the Gentiles1484 who3588 know1492 not3361 God;2316 6 that3588 no3361 man transgress,5233{Or, overreach} and2532 wrong4122 his846 brother80 in1722 the matter:4229 because1360 the Lord2962 is an avenger1558 in4012 all3956 these things,5130 as2531 also2532 we4277 forewarned4277{Or, told you plainly} you5213 and2532 testified.1263 7 For1063 God2316 2564 called2564 us2248 not3756 for1909 uncleanness,167 but235 in1722 sanctification.38 8 Therefore5105 he114 that rejecteth,114 rejecteth114 not3756 man,444 but235 God,2316 who3588 giveth1325 his846 Holy40 Spirit4151 unto1519 you.2248

1 Thessalonians 4:9 But1161 concerning4012 love5360 of the brethren ye have no3756 need2192 that one write1125 unto you:5213 for1063 ye5210 yourselves846 are2075 taught of God2312 to1519 love25 one another;240 10 for2532 indeed1063 ye do4160 it846 toward1519 all3956 the brethren80 that3588 are in1722 all3650 Macedonia.3109 But1161 we exhort3870 you,5209 brethren,80 that ye abound4052 more and more;3123 11 and2532 that ye study5389{Greek be ambitious. See Rom. 15:20 margin.} to be quiet,2270 and2532 to do4238 your own business,2398 and2532 to work2038 with2398 your5216 2398 hands,5495 even as2531 we charged3853 you;5213 12 that2443 ye may walk4043 becomingly2156 toward4314 them that are3588 without,1854 and2532 may have2192 need5532 of nothing.3367

1 Thessalonians 4:13 But1161 we would2309 not3756 have2309 you5209 ignorant,50 brethren,80 concerning4012 them that fall asleep;2837 that2443 ye sorrow3076 not,3361 even2532 as2531 the rest,3062 who have2192 no3361 hope.1680 14 For1063 if1487 we believe4100 that3754 Jesus2424 died599 and2532 rose again,450 even so3779 them3588 also2532 that are fallen asleep2837 in1223{Greek through. Or, will God through Jesus.} Jesus2424 will71 God2316 bring71 with4862 him.846 15 For1063 this5124 we say3004 unto you5213 by1722 the word3056 of the Lord,2962 that3754 we2249 that are alive,2198 that are left4035 unto1519 the coming3952{Greek presence.} of the Lord,2962 shall5348 in no3361 wise precede5348 them that are fallen asleep.3756 16 For3754 the Lord2962 himself846 shall descend2597 from575 heaven,3772 with1722 a shout,2752 with1722 the voice5456 of the archangel,743 and2532 with1722 the trump4536 of God:2316 and2532 the dead3498 in1722 Christ5547 shall rise450 first;4412 17 then1899 we2249 that are alive,2198 that are left,4035 shall together260 with4862 them846 be caught up726 in1722 the clouds,3507 to1519 meet529 the Lord2962 in1519 the air:109 and2532 so3779 shall we2071 ever3842 be2071 with4862 the Lord.2962 18 Wherefore5620 comfort3870{Or, exhort. 5:11} one another240 with1722 these5125 words.3056

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