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S i m p l e   B i b l e   ver. 3.0
    1 Corinthians
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1 Corinthians 10:1 Moreover,1161 brethren,80 I would2309 not3756 that ye5209 should be ignorant,50 how that3754 all3956 our2257 fathers3962 were2258 under5259 the cloud,3507 and2532 all3956 passed1330 through1223 the sea;2281 2 And2532 were907 2794 all3956 baptized907 unto1519 Moses3475 in1722 the cloud3507 and2532 in1722 the sea;2281 3 And2532 did5315 2794 all3956 eat5315 the same846 spiritual4152 meat;1033 4 And2532 did4095 2794 all3956 drink4095 the same846 spiritual4152 drink:4188 for1063 they drank4095 of1537 that spiritual4152 Rock4073 that followed them:190{Or, went with them} and1161 that Rock4073 was2258 Christ.5547 5 But235 with1722 many4119 of them846 God2316 was2106 2794 not3756 well pleased:2106 for1063 they were overthrown2693 in1722 the wilderness.2048 6 Now1161 these things5023 were1096 our2257 examples,5179{Gr. our figures} to the intent1519 we2248 should1511 not3361 lust after evil2556 things,1938 as2531 they also2548 lusted.1937

1 Corinthians 10:7 Neither3366 be ye1096 idolaters,1496 as2531 were some5100 of them;846 as5613 it is written,1125 The people2992 sat down2523 to eat5315 and2532 drink,4095 and2532 rose up450 to play.3815 8 Neither3366 let us commit fornication,4203 as2531 some5100 of them846 committed,4203 and2532 fell4098 in1722 one3391 day2250 three5140 and twenty1501 thousand.5505 9 Neither3366 let us tempt1598 Christ,5547 as2531 some5100 of them846 also2532 tempted,3985 and2532 were destroyed622 of5259 serpents.3789 10 Neither3366 murmur ye,1111 as2531 some5100 of them846 also2532 murmured,1111 and2532 were destroyed622 of5259 the destroyer.3644 11 Now1161 all3956 these things5023 happened4819 unto them1565 for ensamples:5179{Or, Types} and1161 they are written1125 for4314 our2257 admonition,3559 upon1519 whom3739 the ends5056 of the world165 are come.2658 12 Wherefore5620 let991 2794 him that thinketh1380 he standeth2476 take heed991 lest3361 he fall.4098

1 Corinthians 10:13 There hath2983 2794 no3756 temptation3986 taken2983 you5209 but1508 such as is common{Or, moderate} to man:442 but1161 God2316 is faithful,4103 who3739 will1439 2794 not3756 suffer1439 you5209 to be tempted3985 above5228 that3739 ye are able;1410 but235 will4160 2794 with4862 the temptation3986 also2532 make4160 a way to escape,1545 that ye5209 may be able1410 to bear5297 it. 14 Wherefore,1355 my3450 dearly beloved,27 flee5343 from575 idolatry.1495 15 I speak3004 as5613 to wise men;5429 judge2919 ye5210 what3739 I say.5346 16 The cup4221 of blessing2129 which3739 we bless,2127 is it2076 not3780 the communion2842 of the blood129 of Christ?5547 The bread740 which3739 we break,2806 is it2076 not3780 the communion2842 of the body4983 of Christ?5547 17 For3754 we2070 2794 being many4183 are2070 one1520 bread,740 and one1520 body:4983 for1063 we are3348 2794 all3956 partakers3348 of1537 that one1520 bread.740 18 Behold991 Israel2474 after2596 the flesh:4561 are1526 2794 not3780 they1526 which eat2068 of the sacrifices2378 partakers2844 of the altar?2379 19 What5101 say I5346 then?3767 that3754 the idol1497 is2076 any thing,5100 or2228 that3754 which is offered in sacrifice to idols1494 is2076 any thing?5100 20 But235 I say, that3754 the things which3739 the Gentiles1484 sacrifice,2380 they sacrifice2380 to devils,1140 and2532 not3756 to God:2316 and1161 I would2309 not3756 that ye5209 should have1096 fellowship2844 with devils.1140 21 Ye cannot3756 1410 drink4095 the cup4221 of the Lord,2962 and2532 the cup4221 of devils:1140 ye cannot3756 1410 be partakers3348 of the Lord's2962 table,5132 and2532 of the table5132 of devils.1140 22 Do we provoke3863 2794 2228 the Lord2962 to jealousy?3863 are we2070 stronger than3361 2478 he?846 23 All things3956 are lawful1832 for me,3427 but235 all things3956 are4851 2794 not3756 expedient:4851 all things3956 are lawful1832 for me,3427 but235 all things3956 edify3618 not.3756

1 Corinthians 10:24 Let2212 2794 no man3367 seek2212 his own,1438 but235 every man1538 another's2087 wealth. 25 Whatsoever3956 is sold4453 in1722 the shambles,3111 that eat,2068 asking350 2794 no3367 question350 for1223 2794 conscience4893 sake:1223 26 For1063 the earth1093 is the Lord's,2962 and2532 the fulness4138 thereof.846 27 If1161 any1536 of them that believe not571 bid2564 you5209 to a feast, and2532 ye be disposed2309 to go;4198 whatsoever3956 is set before3908 you,5213 eat,2068 asking350 2794 no3367 question350 for1223 2794 conscience4893 sake.1223 28 But1161 if1437 any man5100 say2036 unto you,5213 This5124 is2076 offered in sacrifice unto idols,1494 eat2068 not3361 for1223 his sake1565 that shewed it,3377 and2532 for conscience sake:4893 for1063 the earth1093 is the Lord's,2962 and2532 the fulness4138 thereof:846 29 Conscience,4893 1161 I say,3004 not3780 thine own,1438 but235 of the other:2087 for1063 why2444 is2919 2794 my3450 liberty1657 judged2919 of5259 another243 man's conscience?4893 30 For1161 if1487 I1473 by grace5485{Or, thanksgiving} be a partaker,3348 why5101 am I evil spoken of987 for that5228 for which3739 I1473 give thanks?2168 31 Whether1535 therefore3767 ye eat,2068 or1535 drink,4095 or1535 whatsoever5100 ye do,4160 do4160 all3956 to1519 the glory1391 of God.2316 32 Give1096 none offence,677 neither2532 to the Jews,2453 nor2532 to the Gentiles,1672{Gr. Greeks} nor2532 to the church1577 of God:2316 33 Even as2531 I2504 please700 all3956 men in all3956 things, not3361 seeking2212 mine own1683 profit,4851 but235 the profit of many,4183 that2443 they may be saved.4982

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